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How to remove toxic materials from sheet metal processing products

by:QY Precision      2020-03-04
How to remove toxic materials from sheet metal processing products of Dongguan sheet metal processing manufacturers the quality of sheet metal processing parts requires independent quality inspection in addition to strict requirements in the production process, first, strictly control the size according to the drawings, and second, strictly control the appearance quality. Sheet metal processing is not a sloppy thing, otherwise the effect is very unsatisfactory. ( The following figure shows the products processed by Dongguan sheet metal processing factory) In this way, errors in the development drawing, bad habits in the process and errors in the process can be found in the process of sheet metal processing. Sheet metal processing is heavy industry, so will there be harmful gases? Of course, there will be many materials, dyes and so on in the production process, which will cause toxic gases to the filing cabinet. Many people buy a new file cabinet and go home. They will ask for a pungent smell and sometimes have a headache. The following is a small compilation of Haoye industry to explain the solution: 1. Ventilation is usually 20 minutes in the morning, 20 minutes in the middle and 20 minutes in the evening after 10: 00 in the morning. The heating will not freeze for 20 minutes each time. 2, put a few pots of vinegar in the room, formaldehyde is soluble in water. 3. Put some tea in the fruit dish and put it in the newly decorated room. Pay close attention to your health and don't let yourself get cancer because of the toxic gas emitted by the newly bought sheet metal processing products. The division of labor and operation of sheet metal processing need to be clearly defined, according to the different development drawings and batches, different blanking methods are selected. Sheet metal processing methods include laser, numerical control processing, punching, shearing, mold and so on.
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