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How to make the hardware processing factory survive in the hardware mold processing industry?

by:QY Precision      2020-04-02
In 2019, due to the increase of hardware processing plants and the wide classification of hardware processing products, China has gradually become one of the top exporting countries in hardware processing in the world, therefore, many hardware processing plants in China have extremely broad market and consumption potential, and the mold processing of hardware products has become an important part in China. Although there are many factors that affect the environmental impact of hardware mold processing at home and abroad, this does not affect the economic development of hardware mold processing in China, the comparative advantages of China's hardware molds in the international hardware Mold market still exist, and the domestic hardware Mold market is expected to continue to be optimistic, with the development of the hardware mold industry showing a general trend. At present, in 2019, more and more multinational enterprises have entered China, and the local advantages of China's hardware processing manufacturers are being challenged. In particular, hardware stainless steel processing manufacturers must be sober and must seize the strategic development opportunities and set reasonable development goals for themselves. If you can't go upstream, you will only have the way to die. Whether an Enterprise pursues maximum profit or creates value for its customers or benefits for its employees. These points are the goals of the enterprise, but basically, if we can only choose one of the most important goals, value is the highest goal pursued by the enterprise. According to the investigation, the precision of precision metal mold processing was generally 5 microns 10 years ago, and now it has reached 2- 3 microns, after a long time 1 micron precision hardware mold processing will be on the market. This requires ultra-fine processing. The mold industry will become increasingly large. This is due to the growing size of molded parts and the requirements of high production efficiency'One mold multi-cavity'Caused. The multi-functional composite mold in the hardware mold processing industry will be further developed. In addition to stamping and forming parts, the new multi-functional composite die is also responsible for assembly tasks such as stacking, tapping, riveting and locking, and the performance requirements of steel are getting higher and higher, therefore, the precision of hardware mold processing will also be higher and higher. If the hardware processing factory wants to survive in the hardware mold processing industry and make great achievements, the following are personal suggestions for reference only! Not long ago, Vice Premier Wu Yi of the State Council stressed at the national circulation work conference that the process of perfecting the socialist market economic system is a process of rapid circulation. If you do not understand circulation, you will not understand the socialist market economy, modern circulation is an important factor to improve the speed, quality and efficiency of economic operation. Therefore, in order to ensure the continued prosperity of the hardware processing manufacturing industry and accelerate the development of the hardware mold processing industry, we must first do several aspects of work. 1. We must do a good job in the modern service industry of the mold hardware industry, develop large commerce and trade, form a large circulation and open circulation pattern, establish an efficient circulation platform, and completely change the current hardware circulation platform. 'Small, scattered, weak'The status quo; 2. We must do a good job in every link in the process of industrial development, form a large cluster of hardware industry through the gathering of hardware industry in the province, lengthen the industrial chain, and form a production pattern with interlocking and complementary advantages, enhance the overall competitiveness of the hardware industry; 3. It is necessary to promote technological innovation and brand building of hardware production enterprises; 4. . We must accelerate the integration of domestic and foreign trade and trade, and promote the transformation of economic restructuring and economic growth mode; 5. . It is necessary to develop the market and expand consumption as the main line, make full use of e-commerce and network service platforms, and promote the construction of hardware market system, modern hardware logistics system, hardware market monitoring system and hardware commercial credit system, realize the modernization of hardware industry circulation as soon as possible; 6. We must do a good job in communication and cooperation within the industry to realize resource sharing. Hardware enterprises in the whole province should be soberly aware of all kinds of complicated problems in the development process; 7. We must gather everyone's wisdom and strength, use collective resources, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, strengthen cooperation, promote multi-directional communication inside and outside the industry, promote prosperity together, and form the overall effect of the industry, actively respond to possible trade barriers in the world and actively respond to the severe challenges of the international market. Finally, a sentence is given to the leaders of the mold hardware enterprise. After determining the development direction of the enterprise, it is necessary to grasp the key points of the leadership work and clarify the key tasks of the enterprise, don't waste your energy on other unimportant matters. If one thing can't promote the enthusiasm of employees, it will not have a short-term or long-term promotion effect on the development and profitability of the enterprise, then this matter is unnecessary and can be ignored.
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