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how to make music on your smartphone

by:QY Precision      2019-08-24
I like to use my mobile phone not only to listen to music, but also to create my own music in a variety of cheap, simple waysto-use apps.
These tools may not be as powerful as complete tools. blown music-
Production software running on a desktop or laptop.
But unless you\'re releasing a recorded album for the main tab, there should be enough functionality for today\'s music app.
Smartphones with the right app are definitely better than traditional settings in terms of price and portability.
Some of the best apps are free and most of the rest are cheap.
Recording on your phone allows you to do music projects in almost any place --
When you go out to meet your music collaborators, it\'s convenient to bring your pocket studio.
I have been recording my own music since the middle
1980, when I bought Tascam PortaOne 4 for $800-
The track deck recorded on the standard audio tape, but I like my phone more than any other system I have.
My phone is not only cheaper but more flexible compared to my original dinosaur deck, and the end result isall digital—
The quality is much higher.
I wrote this for the first time six years ago and since then it has become easier to create music using mobile devices.
On the iPhone, the best place for musicians to start working is for apps that are installed on novice machines for free --
This is the app I have been using.
GarageBand is not available for Android devices, but the platform does have its own good music --creation apps.
GarageBand is a great way to get familiar with the basics of music creation.
It works a bit like a real studio where each instrument is assigned to its own \"channel\" and it can be adjusted before all tracks are finally combined into songs.
First of all, you might want to try the built-in
In the music synthesizer, it does a great job of imitating instruments such as drums, bass, piano and guitar, and exotic options such as erhu or Chinese drums.
If you are not a musician, the smart instrument function allows you to make complex sounds, such as playing patterns on a guitar or simple improvisation on a piano. (
Below I will discuss the details of using live recordings. )
Once you are satisfied with your personal track, you can go to the digital audio workstation (DAW)
Part of the app, you actually created the song there.
You can start by laying the drum track, then the bass, then layering on the rhythm and lead guitar, then ending with lead and accompaniment.
Built-in application-in click track—
A digital metronome
Help keep everything in sync.
GarageBand will allow you to come up with something that sounds beautiful in less than an hour.
But GarageBand can keep up if you have more skills and ambitions.
You can use the app built in
In the Loop, or import your own, which works well with the DJ
Live cycle interface.
You can also \"bounce\" tracks like a 1970 rock producer.
If you are making your own version of the Queen\'s \"bohemian whimsy\" with 20 sep active harmony sections, you can integrate them into one track, on the other 19 tracks
Another very useful app is Audiobus, which allows you to link various apps together.
You can start with a separate synthesizer app, adjust the tone with a separate effect app and eventually add that synthesizer track to the songs in GarageBand or another DAW app
There are many other apps on the market like GarageBand.
Check-out here: FL Studio (Android and iOS)
, A function is very similar to the mobile DAW of GarageBand; Loopy HD (iOS)
A live Loop application;
Chart of Propellerhead (iOS)
Very simple musiccreation tool;
IMaschine 2, a local instrument (iOS)
It has a 16-pad,drum-machine-
Interface like creating beats and other sounds.
Despite the power of digital instruments on smartphones, many musicians, including me, want to use traditional instruments.
Cheap, simple and cheap
The way Fi does this is to use Apple\'s own music memo app, which allows you to record music using the phone\'s internal microphone and then put the result track into GarageBand.
Add a digital audio interface if you want higher quality audio (DAI)
The market exchange rate valuation index of LikeShure (
Compatible with all iOS devices)
, Lets you plug the instrument or microphone directly into the adapter of your phone.
An electric instrument, such as a guitar or keyboard, can be inserted directly into DAI;
Microphones are required for acoustic instruments.
These can be taken from a solid stage.
Ready-made models like Shure SM57, priced at $100, are as expensive as used cars.
Digital audio interfaces also have great advantages in terms of price, their input quantity, flexibility, and the ability to power complex capacitive microphones vary.
Sometimes it\'s not the sound of a traditional instrument, it\'s the feeling that musicians pursue.
That\'s why MIDI keyboards, controllers, and other devices are also popular with home recording engineers.
Devices like IK Multimedia iRig MIDI 2 allow you to connect an actual MIDI keyboard to your phone.
You can then translate the results into tracks in GarageBand or other music apps.
When you record or create music with your iPhone, you will want a nice pair of headphones.
If you think you can record vocals or acoustic instruments with a microphone, you will want to choose a pair of headphones with a closed design that will isolate the audio and prevent it from being picked up by the microphone. (
Remember, if you have a new Apple iPhone 7, you will either need a wireless headset or you will need to plug the wired headset into the Lightning port of your phone. )
With your in-depth study of music recording, you will find a wide variety of accessories
From the microphone air curtain to the acoustic chamber-
This can help improve your final product.
In order to purchase more professional recording equipment, you can take risks outside the electronics store.
Music supermarkets such as Guitar Center or Sam Ash, as well as online stores such as musician\'s friends and sweet water sound, offer more options for complex accessories, all of this is to help you make your phone more like a portable version of a record label.
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