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how to make foam flowers step by step

by:QY Precision      2019-10-27
Flowers made of foam flakes, those are not real flowers.
They are not plastic flowers either.
These flowers are made of foam.
You can find those bubbles in the crafts store.
The trick is not difficult-
Form a contour using heat.
Expensive machines or gadgets are not needed.
Just use the iron you use to fix the creases of your shirt.
Join me when I describe how to make these flowers.
I didn\'t really settle down until I did it myself.
I learned the craft from my sister son.
She took part in formal training to learn how to make several floral patterns.
It was great that she took the time to teach me for free.
I believe your energy is getting higher and you want to learn how to make these realLook at flowers.
This Christmas, if you make your own Christmas decoration with the technology of making foam flowers, it will definitely reduce the cost.
Just add green, gold and red glitter to your product and you will have amazing Christmas flower decorations. The picture is mine.
These are photos of the foam flowers we made.
Choose a foam board of different thickness and color.
When you are looking for this item online, you can type \"foam paper\" or \"foam paper \".
\"You will find foam paper of A4 size with different thickness --
Ranging from 2mm to 5mm.
If you will only make a few flowers, then it is OK to buy foam paper, but if you want to do a bigger project, it is cost-effective to buy a 12 \"x 18\" foam board, but if you buy it in a physical store.
If you can\'t buy only ten sheets, it\'s a hassle to ship this piece of paper.
In terms of thickness, it is better to use the thinnest foam film for tiny flowers.
Needless to say, if you are going to make flowers with large petals, you have to use the thickest sheets.
In fact, if you want to make a very large flower, you may need to reinforce the petals with a filament to give you more flexibility in forming the desired shape for the petals, and make the petals stronger rather than drooping. Inspiration;
Can you do a sample project for the challenge?
Try to do one like this!
It takes all your spare time, but in the end, you will like your output.
Choose a white foam board.
Color your cut piece by piece.
You need paint in white, yellow, pink and green.
It\'s really cute and one of my favorites.
This is smaller than the first project, but it takes time to finish it.
It takes more time to assemble the petals of roses.
Also, you need more petals per flower compared to the first item.
You can do this project with the third project.
The technology required is the same. Sunflower!
The diameter of the clock is about 1 feet.
General steps for making foam flowmeter 1.
Make petal patterns on paper.
There are some craft enthusiasts who are very generous and can post their templates for free.
You can print these templates and perform step 2.
For me, I use real petals sometimes.
This can lead to confusing workspace, but you will definitely cut the pattern off the real flowers. 2. Cut it out.
If you cut petals with a complex pattern, it is better to use a hand-on-hand work scissors
The one is thin and sharp.
Slim works best when passing through the curve. 3.
Place it on the surface of the foam and trace it.
It\'s better to track it with a 0 pencil. 5 mm or 0.
3mm so you don\'t have to worry about the traces of the contours you make.
If there is a problem with the light, a ballpoint pen called a friction pen can be used.
The lines you make with this pen can be deleted. 4. Cut it out.
Follow the prompts in step 2. 5.
Coloring it requires a special technique.
You have to use foam like you use when washing dishes.
Scroll up to see photos and instructions on how to color these foam boards. 6.
Heat it by carefully placing it on the back of the hot iron (
Be careful not to overheat.
It takes a few seconds to get the heat needed to form. 7. Shape it.
Carving it can be a bit tricky.
You have to shape it when the weather is still hot.
This requires extra care.
Avoid Burns
If you do this with your child, be sure to make her realize that it can hurt her if she is not careful.
My daughter likes to make foam flowers with me and she is always fascinated by this step.
She knew the foam was hot.
I don\'t allow her to do step 6.
Not now, if she\'s a little longer. 8.
Stick the petals to the silk with a glue gun.
Just like you make flowers out of paper.
Stick petals with glue gun and glue stick.
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