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how to make exercise a habit

by:QY Precision      2019-08-23
Model Jessica Gomez knows where it is.
Develop the habit of daily exercise, and then it will become a habit.
Picture: Jason Edwards
Source: Australian News Group is one of those people who hate it.
I have to confess seven times a week-
With conscience, I can no longer accept the incentives associated with it. fives.
The truth is, while it took me a lot of motivation to get to this point, I \'ve really just glided behind a well in the last decadeformed habit.
The secret is that willpower is no longer necessary once exercise becomes a habit.
So for those who want \"I don\'t want! !
\"Out of exercise, I thought I \'d reveal some tips that helped me get to that point, and in order to inject a little bit of scientific knowledge into my mix, I ran over in Sydney --
Sports scientist Dr. Bill Sukala
Putting one foot in front of the other is usually the hardest part, especially at the beginning of the journey.
To make exercise a taboo
What\'s smarter is that you have to get to the point where you feel good.
Positive results, such as the surge in endorph, the inevitable change in a sense of accomplishment or body shape, are all powerful motivation, but only if you have experienced it yourself.
One way I used to deceive myself was to divide larger goals into smaller, achievable ones.
If I didn\'t want to go to the gym, I would say \"I\'ll change, see how I feel, and then, once I get changed, it\'s much easier to say\" I\'ll get in the car and start driving.
\"Ultimately, after completing these small goals, it\'s actually more of an effort to sit outside the gym and not go.
The doctor said: \"It is important to remember something better than nothing.
Even if you force or deceive yourself to do it, the next step is to focus on how great you feel during or after exercise.
Start connecting exercise with happiness and as a result how well you feel/look, you will be more inclined to go.
\"If the busiest woman in Australia, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, gets up every morning to run, then you have no excuse.
Image source: apashott-lonnibin Tang
Establish long-term goals
The University of London\'s semester commitment study found that it took an average of 66 days to develop a habit.
If you actively commit to working out on a regular basis for more than two months instead of saying \"I have to do this forever\", it\'s a less terrible goal.
Also, at the end of that time, studies have shown that behavior will either become a habit or you will be fine on the road.
The doctor said: \"The important thing is not to bite more than you can chew at the beginning.
This is a situation that focuses on the present and stays with longer periods of time --
Semester goals in your mind.
\"Find an exercise that you like, and it\'s a game rule change for me.
My regular weekly classes now include step classes, Pilates and yoga, and three classes that I absolutely love.
But in order to achieve the perfect combination, I tried all the ways
Running, cross fitness, group sports, swimming, dance class, Zumba, what\'s your name.
Sometimes it takes a while to find the perfect combination of enjoyment and results, so keep working until you find the right person for you, because once you find the right one, you\'ll be easy.
The doctor said: \"The best exercise in the world is the exercise you like, and the exercise you insist on for a long time.
So if you like relaxing yoga like Miranda, do it.
Some people think a good training session means you have to vomit at the end of the session.
The reality is that just exercise is exercise, no effort or pain is needed for the benefit, especially if you are just starting to exercise. I spend three-
Several quarters of Pilates are level on a reformer and usually do not sweat, but I see more results in this class than any other.
Goals need to be achievable, because if the goal is too high, you will eventually fail and disappointment may become a powerful motivation.
So keep in mind that fitness is not for the super marathon or climbing Mount Everest, but to beat your best.
The doctor said: \"When the people who moved the mountain started, a small stone was removed at one time.
I think small goals are great to build a person\'s sense of self-efficacy.
Run some on the board and then gradually build bigger and more lofty goals.
\"We often miss out on exercise because we don\'t give priority to exercise as we do at work meetings or dinners with friends.
By exercising in your diary, you can plan it.
The doctor said: \"If something better appears, the difficult part is not to treat it as a consumable.
If you are tired of illness and fatigue, then you can\'t solve today\'s problem with the same old thinking, namely: turn off the gym.
Habits are three aspects of fighting.
Once the mind is on board, the body follows.
\"There\'s also a tip from a doctor: Call a friend Dr. Sukala to suggest that exercising with a partner can help you stick to your goals, even if the partner is not a person.
\"If you have a dog, take him/her out for a walk at some point in the day.
After a while, the dog\'s brain gets the same adjustment, and rover will be at your bedside when it\'s time to go, with lead in his mouth waiting for you!
Use him as your own personal fitness machine with fur!
\"Not only can dogs be super cute, but they can also be useful!
Source: Australian News Corporation, what are you waiting?
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