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how to make arduino based cnc machine at home

by:QY Precision      2019-09-13
Make CNC machine with old DVD Writer 1)
Arduino Nano x12)
Old DVD writer x23)Motor Driver (L293D)x24)
16-pin IC socket x25)
You can also do pcb6)
Male head Female Head 7)Female USB (
Power the motor)
Can also use 9 v jack8)
Wires9 female jumperNuts10)
Bo motor clamp11)1 servo motor 12)
Double-sided velvet film 13)Pen14)
12 \"x 6\" (acrylic sheet1pcs)Fore base)2pcs 1. 5\"x7\" (For X-Axis Stand)1pcs 3\"x3\" (
Foundation for writing)3pcs 1. 5\"x3\"(
Moving part of X-Axis & Y-
Shaft and pen also)8pcs . 5\"x,5\" (For specer)
Marke is used to drill holes and then drill holes with dashed vero plates to make a circuit board or you can design a PCB. .
If you do not know how to design a pcb, please check the basic PCB design in EAGLE | part 2 how to print the PCB at home | part 3 cut the DVD burner servo and connect with the gear, also connect 1.
5 \"x3\" sheets with moving parts and also glue the pencil compass to hold the pen. . .
Assemble all parts as shown in the figure. . .
Download the CNC for the YOBOTS project.
Zip File below->Open-
Upload the code to Arduino-->Open-
Gcode _ executer_for_cnc _ machine and run itpress \"p\" to select COM port;
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