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how to make a travel purse

by:QY Precision      2019-08-25
Are you a travel freak? Me too--
When the Madrid stopover caused my wallet to disappear after buying a cheese sandwich across from the Prado Museum, I was not as careful as I should be.
It was a pleasure that my friend\'s quick response saved me money for travel.
The next time you are thousands of miles away from home, you may not be so lucky, so add a certain level of security to your next trip by making a travel wallet.
Sure, you can buy one, but wouldn\'t you be willing to travel to Prado in cash?
Choose the wallet pattern that best suits your taste, size and needs.
Make sure that the design you choose has a long strap because you wear your wallet on your body when you travel to make sure it\'s safe.
Choose a solid material for your wallet.
Canvas is a great food option like some types of plasticbased fabrics. Look for slash-
Made of proof or flexible screen
Stretch stainless steel or 600x900 Dan water-
You can use waterproof nylon if you don\'t have a fashion limit.
If you pay more attention to style than safety, then you can take both into consideration by choosing an interior decoration fabric.
Choose a busy pattern and even if it gets hit while you\'re traveling, it doesn\'t show wear, dirt or dirt.
Replace your regular sewing machine needle with a strong needle thread, which is able to plow through dense fabric and carry thick lines made for sewing sail and luggage bags, such as monofilament
Wrap and install the spool.
Use your pattern and pin to fix the part on the material of your choice and cut out all the wallet parts.
Mark the area of darts or tuc using transfer paper and wheels or chalk.
Take out the pattern piece and nail the wallet part together.
Instructions for deviation requirements to place a pocket outside the wallet.
Instead, it is planned to attach all the pockets to the inside of the bag.
If you are worried that pocket stitching will appear outside the wallet, you may want to cut two bag shapes from the fabric and use one as the lining for the pocket.
Alternatively, try to use window screening as a wallet liner.
Please refer to step 2 for more suggestions.
Start the construction process by stitching the zipper on the internal pocket.
Connect the pocket seam.
Pin the pocket to the wrong side of the fabric or liner and get as deep inside the wallet as possible so that people other than you can hardly (if not impossible) get into the pocket.
Once the zipper and pocket are sewn in place, double
Sew the seam of the main body of the wallet and plug the lining into it.
Make a thick strap by measuring the length between the shoulder and the hip.
Double this number and add a few inches so there are enough straps on the wallet.
Fold the strap fabric in half (wrong side out)
Sew the seams and turn the straps.
Iron strap and re
Stitch two top seams to create a super
Strong connection.
Connect the strap to the wallet using at least three rows of stitching to secure it.
For more safety benefits, send the wire into the inside of the strap.
If you have built your travel bag, please use a waterproof spray both internally and externally.
Gaelic Cohen has worked in Chicago for more than 30 years and is a professional writer.
She worked and worked together.
Wrote 14 books and wrote hundreds of articles in consumer and trade publications including Illinois
The Daily Herald.
Her new book Christmas quilt was published in December 2011.
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