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How to keep the size stable in cnc machining?

by:QY Precision      2020-03-10
How to keep the size stable in cnc machining? _ In the cnc machining cnc lathe, if you need to keep the size stable during the machining process, and you need to consider its own factors, these factors mainly exist in the following two points! 1. The stability of the machine itself. If the machine tool is not brand new or the machine tool has been processed in large quantities and has not been debugged, the size deviation caused by the machine tool itself may occur. The factors causing the deviation of the machine tool itself are as follows: mechanical aspects: a. Loose between servo motor and screw; B. Ball screw bearing or nut wear; C. Insufficient lubrication between screw and nut; Electrical aspects: a. Servo motor failure; B. There is dirt inside the grating ruler; C. Servo amplifier failure; 2. Thermal expansion and cold shrinkage deformation of the workpiece. The thermal expansion and contraction deformation of the workpiece after processing is inevitable, so we should pay attention to the cooling effect during processing and increase the frequency of on-machine measurement, at the same time, pay attention to the deformation of the workpiece after cooling. 1. Cnc machining process to control the machining error is inseparable from a reasonable machining process. In the process arrangement, in addition to ensuring the basic machining process (Such as milling CNC machining First coarse and then fine, first face and then hole, first big face and then small face'Or fixture in use Reduce the number of clamping times and try to use combination fixtures'Such as basic processing details) In principle, we should try our best to reduce the processing error caused by aluminum chips on aluminum parts. We all know that aluminum parts are very soft, and the eliminated scrap is very easy to cause the processing error of aluminum parts. 2. Three elements of cutting: cutting speed vc, feed rate f, cutting depth ap and tool compensation in this respect, in short, the cutting parameters are adjusted on the premise of ensuring tool wear and machining quality, the cutting performance of the tool can be fully utilized, so that the cutting efficiency is the highest and the processing cost is the lowest. In CNC lathes, there are also factors such as tool head wear compensation that need to be considered. 3. Manual programming numerical calculation in manual programming, it is very common to have errors in the calculation process. Although it is basically automatic programming now, if you encounter manual programming, still need to pay more attention. 4. Accurate knife if the knife is not accurate, it will cause dimensional error. Therefore, the Edge finder should be selected as much as possible. If conditions permit, it is best to equip the machine with a laser tool, ensure the accuracy of the knife. If there is no edge finder and no conditions, there is only the simplest trial cutting method.
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