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how to invest in robotics: the opportunities by sector

by:QY Precision      2019-10-15
With the proliferation of digital convergence on a global scale, various iterations of cloud, smartphone, big data, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and robotics, some say, IT markets such as Nasdaq are overvalued. Perhaps.
However, I believe that the best vertical investment is there in the robot field.
Without countless intelligent robot applications to meet our endless needs, most digital business models cannot be realized.
Both Nano
Fan air conditioning our skyscrapers or giant robotic ocean sweepers clean up plastic floating islands, and the whole concept of big data will fail if robots are not up to the task of serving humans.
But where are the investment opportunities for robots?
Uber technology recently
Attracted 40 people from Carnegie Mellon University\'s National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC)
Scientists and engineers have put one of the country\'s top robotics departments in crisis.
Uber wants to build driverless cars.
But Uber is still private.
No investment games there. Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG)(NASDAQ:GOOGL)
It has been acquiring several AI and robotics companies for more than two years, including Japanese company SCHAFT Inc.
And Boston power.
Google hired Sebastian Thrun to set up Google X, a highly secretive Advanced Technology lab that is testing driverless cars across California.
But Google is mainly an online advertising company, trading at more than $500 per share.
Total value of enterprises)of 5.
Four times the income. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)and Amazon. com Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)
Playing in the same space.
Interestingly, the investment in robotics is not pure.
Robot spectrum price is very long compared to big ITterm growth. Swiss-based ABB LTD. (NYSE:ABB)
Is an example of a solid industrial automation company leading the industry.
ABB has developed YuMi, collaboration, arms, small part assembly robot including flexible hand, part feed system, camera
Based on the position and status of the part-of-the-
Software control.
The transaction price is just over $22.
00/share, ABB has one TEV. 4 ($49.
85 billion market value). Drones (
Robots, of course, Northrop Grumman (NYSE:NOC)
As a global leader in military UAV technology, it is worth seeing.
Northrop called it an unmanned system, including an active electronic scanning array (AESA)Radars, AN/AQS-
24A mine hunting system, Bat drone system, and BQM-
34 Firebee high-performance air target system (UAS).
Its share price is $165.
16 TEV with a $24 billion REV and 1 strong performance. 5.
It is an established company with a $0. 56 billion REV and a reasonable TEV. 4.
Known for its home vacuum cleaner Roomba products, IRobot also designs, manufactures and sells robots for consumers, defense and security, telemedicine and mobile video collaboration markets around the world.
Current investors include Globespan Capital Partners, Hongshan Capital Partners LLC and SSgA Fund Management Co. , Ltd. , and T.
Rowe Price Associates, Inc.
Its share price is $33.
49 has been relatively flat for several months.
This is an interesting market for robots to invest in.
On the speculative side of medical devices, we have Israel-
Headquartered in ReWalk Robot Co. , Ltd. (NASDAQ:RWLK)(
Original Argo Medical Technology Co. , Ltd. ).
Design, develop and sell exoskeletons for wheelchairsbound people.
This is an advanced concept company with leading medical device technology.
ReWalk earns only $4.
1 million, the market value is $0. 14 billion, so this is a pure high
Venture robot investment
Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. is a speculative, closely related pure robot investment(NASDAQ:EKSO)
Design, develop and sell wearable robots or exoskeletons for medical, military, industrial and consumer markets.
It offers Ekso GT, a bionic suit that can stand and walk on the ground with a reciprocal gait.
Seeking Alpha work on Ekso called \"strong sales\"92.
The negative impact of the \"3% fraud arrests, product failures and paid stock promotions\" announced on May 2 has driven the decline in Ekso shares.
But Ekso has established partnerships with the University of California, Berkeley, the Department of Defense and Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT)
In order to develop products for military applications, the author believes that this is a potential growth factor (
Market value of $6 million, market value of $0. 131 billion).
If you prefer to play big market value games in familiar areas, try Caterpillar. (NYSE:CAT).
I think driverless cars will be ahead of driverless trucks in a controlled track environment.
This has begun to distribute caterpillars at Agnico Eagle Mining Co. , Ltd (NYSE:AEM)
The medobank gold mine near Lake Baker spans the Arctic Circle.
Caterpillar is running several 24/7-
Each has 2,650 horsepower and more than 25 million lines of software code.
These trucks operate on their own GPS systems and are monitored by \"technical experts\" in the remote control room.
In the end, Caterpillar will operate 45 trucks in the mine without 180 drivers
By contrast, some high-paying technicians.
Mathematics is very simple.
Caterpillar is trading at just over $87.
One for 00 and one for TEV. 6 (Market CAP $52. 7 billion). For a second-
Try the robot technology of Tesla Motors. (NASDAQ:TSLA).
Tesla, a highly speculative car and battery technology company, has investments in Japan\'s global robotics leader, finaco.
On the campus of the company, dozens of canary yellow robots operate 24/7 units in 22 automation factories to replicate themselves.
Fanuc robots make more Fanuc robots and other CNC machines.
Fanuc produces 22,000 to 23,000 CNC units per month, with revenues of $6 billion and a market value of nearly $60 billion.
So buying Tesla can give you an idea of several leading technology trends, including robotics.
There is an ETF transaction in the United States. S.
Robots, robots
Global Machine and Automation Index ETF (NASDAQ:ROBO).
I don\'t know the ETF traded in the United States. S. (
It also deals in the EU and the UK)
I didn\'t think of it until a reader asked me this question.
In general, the robot world is vast and diverse, consisting of established manufacturers of large manufacturing automation machines and new public beginnings.
Ups that invest in the cloud, drones, Nano Applications, remote monitoring systems, and GPS-oriented applications.
It may be a bit difficult to think that an ETF can sample this wide range, but ROBO is worth a look.
Robb is trading at $26.
The market value is $120. 8 million.
Its trading range has been relatively flat over the past 12 months.
There are countless other applications in robotics, but it seems to me that industrial and medical equipment will achieve maximum value in the first place, followed by military applications.
The opportunity is there. By Richard L.
Wottrich: I/we are the long NASDAQGS: AAPL.
This article was written by myself and expressed my views.
I received no compensation (
In addition to Seeking Alpha).
I have no business relationship with any stock company mentioned in this article.
Editor\'s note: This article discusses one or more securities that are not traded on major US securitiesS. exchange.
Please note the risks associated with these stocks.
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