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How to improve the occupational hazards in the production of hardware processing plants?

by:QY Precision      2020-04-03
In recent years, the occupational diseases that often occur in hardware processing plants are not generally few, and dust generated by polishing and polishing usually causes pneumoconiosis. The use of vinyl chloride, Ana water and white electric oil to clean the product causes vinyl chloride poisoning, benzene poisoning and n-hexane poisoning. So how can we ensure the occupational hazards of employees' production while processing parts through hardware processing plants? Let's take a look! 1. Strive for conditional reform process, adopt automated operation and closed production process equipment, and reduce the opportunity for workers to directly contact occupational hazards; 2. For workers who have been identified as occupational contraindications, they should be transferred as soon as possible to avoid continuing to contact the corresponding occupational hazards. Workers found to be suspected occupational diseases should cooperate with the requirements of occupational disease diagnosis agencies, request occupational disease diagnosis and carry out corresponding treatment as soon as possible; 3. Establish an occupational hazard notification system, mainly including a bulletin board notification system and a dangerous post notification system. Inform the workers of the rules and regulations, operating procedures, emergency rescue measures for occupational hazards and occupational hazards in the workplace; 4. For steel plate shearing, compression, calendering, polishing ( Flat throwing, bending throwing, machine grinding edge, hollow handle throwing, grinding edge, hand throwing) In the process of processing, the noise and vibration exceed the standard, and the noise prevention and vibration reduction equipment is added to reduce the continuous noise and vibration time of the workers, and properly wear personal protective equipment such as earplugs and gloves; 5. For polishing ( Flat throwing, bending throwing, machine grinding edge, hollow handle throwing, grinding edge, hand throwing) The dust generated at that time should be ventilated locally in the polishing post, and the dust removal equipment and filtration system should be cleaned regularly. The post can be semi-sealed according to the actual situation and the dust mask should be worn correctly, and regular replacement; 6. Improve and implement the occupational health management system of hardware processing plants, establish occupational health management organizations, do a good job in occupational health education, and conduct occupational health knowledge training in a planned and organized manner, such as material toxicity, health hazards, rules and regulations, personal protection, accident lesson analysis, etc. , to improve the consciousness of workers' personal protection and pre-hospital emergency response capabilities. Reasonable allocation of hardware processing factory system and rational treatment of employees' working hours and hardware processing operation procedures are the improvement of occupational hazards in hardware processing factory production!
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