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How to Engrave Granite

by:QY Precision      2019-10-20
For centuries, stone carvings have been used for various purposes, from recording important historical events to honoring loved ones.
Granite, due to its extremely hard surface, poses a special challenge to amateur stone sculptors, which also makes it a particularly popular Tombstone and Rock memorial for its long service life.
Most monument companies choose sandblasted equipment when they use granite, but even if they enter-level micro-
The sand blasting machine costs $2,000 to $3,000, so unless you\'re going to carve a lot of granite, your best tool option is to use a special set of electric sculptors that carve rocks at diamond tip.
Make an overall design plan for your granite carving.
Think about the details of your granite project, including the size and shape of the design you want to engrave to determine the general stone size you need.
Draw a sketch of your design on a chart sheet.
Find the granite that suits your carving project.
Wash the granite with soap and hot water.
Put the stone on the towel to drydry.
Cover a firm table with old newspaper and transfer your design to a dry granite surface with a wax pencil.
Wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from the dust generated by Granite during engraving.
Place the diamond tip at the end of the electric sculptor and start carving your design into granite, starting with the main outline of the design.
Gently press and slowly move the carving knife to give the tip enough time to cut the hard granite.
When you work, clean the rock dust on the granite surface with a towel.
Switch tips based on the type of design you are creating;
According to the inland craft, the ball tip carving the outline you designed works well, but if you want to do more detailed work, such as circles, you should switch to the cone and the cylindrical tip, the point and the writing.
Turn off the carving knife and let the motor cool every 15 to 20 minutes to minimize the pressure on the motor from hard granite.
Check your granite and make sure you have all the marks completely carved.
Cut the part you missed.
Wash the rock off with hot water and let it ventilatedry.
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