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how to create time and improve your health, no matter how busy you feel

by:QY Precision      2019-08-26
Keeping healthy with the many needs of life is a complex and important issue.
While we can follow the trend, buying trendy new leggings, prying around Instagram and collecting clips of inspiration, progress, and motivation will soar.
In order to make lasting changes in our lives and maintain healthy habits, we need to have a strategy with clear priorities, goals, actions and beliefs.
No matter how busy you are, here are my top ten tips for creating time and improving your health: your ability to choose can\'t be taken away or even given up-it can only be forgotten.
By realizing what you really choose to do in your life, not what others choose for you, you can start to evaluate what you want your life to be.
You\'re not trapped.
You can choose what to do, when to do it, and who to be.
Take back this option and adjust your time to suit you and your desire for life. Flip FOMO (
Afraid to miss)
On its head, don\'t say yes to what you hate \".
Recognize that we can\'t be everything for everyone, exercise your right to re-choose, and be free from things you don\'t like.
In any case, at a party or internal meeting you don\'t want to go to, feel the content is missing.
You can ask a friend or colleague to provide important information for 2 minutes.
Embrace the joy of missing, and you will make time to do what you really want to do.
By implementing the first two points above, you can create an extra hour for yourself in the day.
The key is to make sure that you choose how to spend your free time before others use what they want you to do to schedule your time, and you don\'t even realize it.
The extra hour could be sleeping, or maybe yoga, running, reading, sketching, meeting friends you want to see for a long time. Own that new-
Find an hour to make the energy you spend on your time worth it.
Even with the best intentions, our efforts to stay healthy can trigger negative emotions, including guilt, shame, laziness, stress, frustration, overwhelm, and even jealousy.
This is not ideal if you are doing your best but still feeling down.
If you can recognize the time and place of these negative emotions, face them, and know how to surpass them, you can get more easily the positive attributes that exercise brings, such as endorph, energy, achievement, pride, stress relief, top space and better sleep.
By focusing on positive energy to stay healthy, it will be easier for you to stay true to yourself and your goals.
Take the time to figure out exactly what you want and set goals from there that are meaningful, visionary and applicable to their strategy.
Don\'t copy and paste other people\'s goals into your life.
It\'s important to know why you really want a specific goal.
In moments of weakness, you can turn to your \"why \".
Making sure you believe you can achieve your goals and take appropriate action to achieve them is key.
Now that you have set goals, it is time to evaluate your success steps.
A strategy requires you to be clear about what you want, when you do it, and what actions you will take.
When you make your strategy, be flexible with your schedule so that the goals you set for yourself are realistic and meaningful, not overwhelming pressure to stick.
The goal is to make a decision so that there is no debate about what you are going to do, when and where.
We often say that we want us to have more time and money, but where are you sitting in terms of relative value?
Would you rather have more time or more money?
Think this: money is a cyclical thing. Time is linear.
While you\'ll never be back in less than a week, you can indeed get 1,000 back in due course.
Invest in the right things and the money will come back.
Time, on the other hand, disappears when it disappears.
So it\'s strange that many of us are willing to spend time instead of money.
Sometimes it is better value to pay an expert to complete a task so that you can continue to do what you are good.
It is this that brings happiness and success.
Think about this time-
The next time you\'re weighing things up, investing in something valuable can free up your time and allow you to do what you\'re best.
In order to capture the nature of training and to work in challenging directions, I would like to quote the mastery that Daniel Pinke talked about in his book, motivation: The Surprising Truth that inspires us
\"Mastering is a state of mind.
It requires that you have the ability to see that your ability is not limited, but unlimited and can be improved.
Mastery is a pain;
This requires hard work, courage and thoughtful practice.
Master is the gradual line;
It is impossible to fully realize that it makes it frustrating and tempting at the same time.
\"Choose something to master and turn your\" workout \"into\" training \"-this will trigger a mindset shift that will help you imagine where you want to go, what do you need to do to continue working towards that goal.
It\'s complicated to keep healthy.
Due to the longevity of life and the conflict that we have to keep healthy and good in real life, the best way to stay on track is to make it fun. Having self-
Nursing is another of your hard chores
The list won\'t let you go far.
Use creativity and curiosity to find fun to align with your goals.
Research shows that while external incentives can help us solve simple problems in the short term, they can hinder the real reason why we invest in ourselves to improve our health.
Incentives can turn games into jobs we don\'t want.
Similar to salary, we start to work for compensation, not for changing the status quo.
Keep your health as a fun game that you play seriously.
Accountability is at the heart of helping us achieve our goals.
The best hack we start doing is not to make a private list, but a list. . .
Tell the person you respect your commitment to these goals.
Commitments to oneself are often more difficult to follow;
Everything else seems to be more important and urgent than what we do for ourselves.
Thanks to our innate unity and desire to be believed to be trust --
For our tribe, we will be more grateful for our goal once it is publicly stated and held accountable.
So speak out loud and tell some people you care about, collect their support and see if you can get on track.
Our fitness columnist, Anne Ross, is the founder of @ SUSShealth, helping women build a positive lifestyle during their work week.
Follow her on @ SUSShealth.
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