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how to clean dirty sneakers in the washing machine

by:QY Precision      2019-08-25

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I am a runner so my sneakers are very important to me.
That\'s why I hate them getting dirty.
Luckily, the sneakers are easy to clean
You can use the washing machine for more convenience!
Whether you \'ve just finished a tough mud sport or just want to relax your comfortable kick, it\'s still important to do some preparation to prevent damage to your sneakers.
Here\'s how to make your sneakers look bright and clean in 40 minutes.
However, other methods are needed to remove smellcan.
KlenBlu sneakers cleaning brush/cleaning brush-Buy now for $8.
79 dirty sneakers!
Laundry detergent washing machine-
Read our guide and find the best 3 tbsp baking soda, a pillowcase, or a sneaker brush cleaner that takes a couple of towel cleaning times: it takes more than the total time of the night: about 40 minutes, these 5-mesh laundry bags EasySet-Buy now for $7.
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