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how to choose the right cnc machine?

by:QY Precision      2019-09-26
CNC represents the digital control of the computer, which is a controller or computer in which all standard instruction programs are entered.
It is mainly used in manufacturing, where computer systems are used to control various tools.
Rigorous and meticulous work;
Therefore, it is very important to choose the right CNC machine for this work.
When you choose the right machine for your production unit, here are some things that need to be checked from the list.
Weight when you are looking forward to buying a CNC machine, its weight is definitely to be considered.
These machines are made of cast iron, aluminum and polymer composites.
If you are looking for a promising powerful machine, you can choose the cast iron structure.
This is for units that do not need to move machines frequently.
Aluminum and polyester are lighter options to consider.
When you use a CNC machine in your company, you should choose a machine that can cut the maximum required area.
For example, if you need to laser cut metal for your industry, the largest piece of metal that needs to be cut should be comparable or smaller to the range of CNC machines.
The speed of the speed CNC machine is also called the feed speed or the shaft feed speed.
To choose the right machine, you need to ask the speed at which the machine works while cutting off the power supply.
Space your workspace and the parts you can assign to CNC machines are also one of the factors to remember when you choose a company machine.
If you have a large workshop, you can go and buy a large but effective and powerful cast iron machine.
When choosing a machine, you should also see how easy it is to spare parts (or difficult)
It is purchasing spare parts for your machine.
After a while, you definitely need to replace the parts of the machine due to wear.
If you buy popular machines like Amada or Trumpf, such as Trumpf laser parts, it\'s relatively easy to buy spare parts for your Trumpf Machine.
But this may not be the case for low-profile machines.
In terms of electricity, not all working spaces have capacity.
Because these machines are very powerful, you need to determine the power requirements of the machine.
Step or servo?
The type of motor drive for CNC machines is called Stepping and servo.
The servo system is more expensive than the walker, but certainly more promising and accurate.
The strength of the servo system lies in its function, that is, to check the position of the measuring device every time it moves.
If your final product does not require precise positioning, you can also choose a stepping motor.
Other things to consider the above points are the most important factors to consider when choosing the right CNC machine.
Besides that, you should study the following things: the spindle speed of the machine.
Is the industry standard code used.
Unlimited program length is provided.
Number of axes.
Range of mechanical motion.
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