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How to carry out the salesman of Shenzhen CNC machining factory?

by:QY Precision      2020-01-20
As a salesman of Shenzhen CNC processing factory, he receives inquiries from various customers all over the country every day. Every customer's request is different, and we all need to be patient. The salesman needs to have the ability to withstand stress, anti-strike, and self-regulation! Do you have any questions? Because the business is a window for the company to contact customers, it is to communicate and cooperate with customers outside, and the eloquence is still very good. The company is represented by the company, in the company, it is also necessary to communicate with the internal staff of the CNC precision mechanical parts processing workshop. The salesman must be on standby 24 hours a day and can't relax at all times. You don't know when the customer is looking for you, it may be late to find you, it may be early to find you, more often in the off-duty time, looking for you in your own private time, need to respond to information in a timely manner. A little bit of this link is not good enough, and long-term cooperation may cause problems. If the customer does not understand us, the production does not understand us, but we must also stick to our position. To be a salesman of mechanical parts processing is too important for the business development of precision mechanical parts processing plants. Shenzhen CNC processing plant's business is a little lax, it may be eliminated. Your customers may be poached by competitors because mechanical parts processing is a fully competitive industry, not a monopoly market, get a long-term customer. Maybe the salesman spends a lot of time and experience on customer maintenance. The pressure of this kind of work is great, and no job in the mechanical parts processing industry is a very easy job. Although sometimes there are many unsatisfactory places, you should be able to adjust your emotions and not bring your emotions to work.
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