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How to carry out CNC machining surface treatment for aluminum alloy metal parts

by:QY Precision      2020-03-14
When it comes to CNC machining, many people still know it very well. For aluminum alloy processing, it is also known that it is a metal part, which belongs to high-precision processing technology. However, many people do not know how the aluminum alloy metal parts are processed by CNC. Let's take a look at it! 1, aluminum alloy shell CNC machining electroplating tin- Cobalt alloy electroplated tin-plated cobalt alloy has a relatively close tone to electroplated cobalt, but it is softer and more popular. At present, most foreign countries are used to replace chromium. Electroplating cobalt is not easy to roll plating, while electroplating tin-cobalt alloy can be applied to roll plating of small parts. In addition, the electroplated tin-cobalt alloy has excellent equal plating ability and rolling plating ability, so it can be applied to workpieces of complex shapes. If double-layer nickel is plated on the bottom layer, its corrosion resistance is no less than that of chrome plating. In order to prevent surface discoloration, the treatment is carried out by dipping chromium, which can also improve its corrosion resistance. Its appearance is light rose tone, making people feel very good and has excellent corrosion resistance. For example, a good glossy surface can be obtained by applying tin-nickel alloy plating to a glossy substrate or on a bright nickel plating layer. For example, for dull surfaces (Pear pattern) On the electroplating, the original situation of the surface can occur. The plating layer has excellent plating capacity and almost no leveling effect, so it is suitable for electroplating requiring extremely thin wire strips and rotating products. 2, aluminum alloy CNC processing copper plating-tin alloy aluminum alloy shell low tin bronze coating color is pink or Golden, fine crystal, it has high corrosion resistance and good polishing performance, often used as a protective-decorative nickel bottom layer, it is used in light industry, handicraft industry, mechanical instrument industry and other industries. The color of the medium-tin bronze coating is golden and the corrosion resistance is good. It is mainly used as the bottom layer of decorative chrome plating. The hardness and stability of aluminum alloy processing in air are higher than those of low tin bronze coating. However, due to the high tin content of the coating, the bottom layer of the protective decorative coating is easy to bloom after the chromium is applied, which is the weakness of the medium-tin bronze coating. High tin bronze coating has beautiful silvery white luster and good polishing performance, high hardness and wear resistance, in industrial design, it is used to replace silver or chromium as a protective coating for reflective instruments, instruments and meters, daily commodities, etc.
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