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how to build a time machine to your childhood

by:QY Precision      2019-10-30
Have you noticed that we need more stimulation to attract us as we grow older?
When we were young, what once excited us, but now we don\'t have the same power?
Whether it\'s sugar in our food, the coffee we drink, our busy schedule, or the onslaught of attention --
Catch the media and the results may be the same: it doesn\'t seem as magical as before.
I don\'t know about you, but I like magic.
I want to have more in my life.
So, when I stumble upon magic, I think it\'s important to share it.
The other day, when I took my two young sons Jamie and Charlie to the \"castle\" playground behind our local elementary school, that was the case.
By the time we got there it was already 90 degrees and I basically wanted to lie down and let someone pour water on me.
So, I was sitting on a bench and the boys were crawling along the jungle gym.
When I checked the email on my phone, I looked at the kids and wondered why I felt like a nose slug bug.
I like to think that, as the father of two active young sons, it has injected vitality into my life and made me see things through their eyes, but I have to admit, I haven\'t felt it lately.
So, I was there, thinking about it all, and there was a small voice in my mind saying, \"Yes, it\'s hot and you\'re tired.
Get off now and play with them.
\"It\'s not as easy as the sound of a small voice, but I did get off the bus and start chasing them on the adjacent grounds.
When we rushed into the nearby woods and believed that the \"bad guys\" were chasing us, my heart began to really beat.
Charlie brought some straws and we pretended they were guns and then shot the invisible bad guys.
Then, as the forces of evil gather behind us, we begin the \"Highland \".
Now, of all these stupid things, I\'m starting to notice what I \'ve missed before: the grass has been cut recently.
There is a sparrow on the nearby tree.
A plane was flying overhead and there was no breeze five minutes ago.
Somehow, an ordinary summer day, without really noticing it, turned into a time machine of my childhood. Remarkable.
With children, the straw turned into a gun, the grass leaf turned into a whistle, and the Grain box turned into an opportunity to make Buzz Lightyear wings.
In their fertile little heads, there is so much imagination that running with them, sharing with them, is really as interesting as they are with most of the things we do as adults ---
Although, yes, it can be more tiring!
When I write from a father\'s point of view, of course you don\'t need to be a parent enjoying these things.
If you have a young niece or nephew or know a family with children, take them to the park on your own initiative.
You can even volunteer at the local association of big brothers and sisters.
There is no doubt that we will thank you for coming.
So, if you feel a little slow lately and the magic in your life is weakening, consider building your own time machine for your childhood.
I think you will be very happy. Dana H.
Glazer is the director of the long documentary \"Dad\'s evolution.
To learn more about the film, visit www. evolutionofdad. com.
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