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how to build a time machine

by:QY Precision      2019-08-26
In 1905, Einstein first proved the possibility of time travel.
He did so, first removing the common sense of the Newton era and replacing it with his own concept of relative time.
Einstein was twenty years old.
He published his \"special\" theory of relativity.
He\'s not the tube.
Cigarette-Smoking hair-shaggy gray hair provides an example for many fictional nut professors, but neat young men in suits who work at the Swiss Patent Office.
Young Einstein studied the way light moves in his spare time.
In doing so, he noticed that the movement of light was inconsistent with the movement of material objects.
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The school\'s mathematics, he proves, if light acts, the way physicists support it
Newton\'s simple idea of time is certainly flawed.
The reasoning thread from the movement of light to this dramatic conclusion about time has been thoroughly discussed and there is no need for us to care about it here.
For our purposes, it is important that the central proposition of special relativity is that time is elastic and it can be stretched and contracted. How?
Just move very fast.
What do I mean by \"stretch time?
Let me state it more carefully.
According to relativity, the exact duration between two specific events will depend on how the observer moves.
When I sit quietly in the living room, the interval between consecutive bells on my clock can be 1 hour, but if I take the time to move around, the time will be less than 1 hour.
Express the same thing in a more practical way: Suppose I board a plane in London and fly to Cape Town and back while you are staying at Heathrow.
So according to me, the duration of the journey is not the same as that of you.
In fact, a little less for me.
Two points need to be put forward first.
First of all, I\'m not talking about the duration of this journey.
When I was happy to watch the air movie, your boring time at the airport seemed to be delaying, which is not the effect of the discussion here.
Mental Time is a fascinating topic in psychology, but what I care about is physical time, which is measured by an unconscious clock.
The second point is that the time difference in the examples given is very small --
Only a few hundred.
One minute per million
It was too small for anyone to notice;
Modern clocks, however, can measure it.
Physicists Joe Hafele and Richard Keating did this in 1971.
They installed highly accurate atomic clocks on the plane, let them fly around the world, and compared their readings to the same clocks left on the ground.
The result is clear: the time on the plane is slower than the lab, so when the experiment is over, the air clock is 59 nanometers slower relative to the ground clock
Accurate to the number predicted in Einstein\'s theory.
Because if we move in a different way, your time and mine will be off track, and there is obviously no universal, absolute time for Newton\'s assumption.
There is no point in talking about time.
Physicists will inevitably ask: Whose time?
Though Hafele-
Keating\'s experiment may have historically been almost nothing of science fiction: The 59-second distortion of time is not important for adventure.
You have to act quickly in order to get real big results.
The benchmark here is the speed of light, dazzling 300,000 kilometers per second.
The closer you travel to the speed of light, the greater the distortion of time.
Physicists refer to the slow time caused by motion as the time expansion effect.
Think about speed.
Divided by the speed of light. Square it.
Subtract from 1
Take the square root. The answer is . . .
Einstein\'s time expansion formula!
This is a \"slow-down factor\'.
Note that the graph shows the expansion factor as a function of speed and is fairly flat at the beginning, but with the speed of light approaching, the expansion factor rises.
At half the speed of light, time slowed by 30 per cent;
99, seven times slower-
1 minute is reduced to about 8 minutes. 5 seconds.
Technically, when the speed of light is reached, the distortion factor becomes infinite.
This is a sign of trouble.
In fact, it tells us that a normal physical body does not reach the speed of light.
There is a \"light barrier\" that can never break through \". The no-faster-than-
The rule of light is an important achievement of relativity.
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