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how to avoid bill shock at the hair salon

by:QY Precision      2019-08-26
\"That\'s $225,\" he smiled at me when the stylist pushed the credit card machine in front of me.
This figure is $60 more than the price list published by the salon --
I already think the lower numbers are a splurge.
When I carefully asked to see the detailed invoice, the stylist explained: \"Your hair is too thick and requires extra laminate foil.
\"It sounds a bit suspicious to me.
After talking to other women, I know that I am not the only one who has experienced the shock of the hair salon bill.
So I asked consumer legal experts and hair stylists how Australians avoid this experience after a visit to the salon.
That\'s what they said.
How to fight back if you are cheated? Many Australian salons present a price list indicating upfront costs
This is also the best practice, said Sandy Chong, chief executive of the Australian hairdressing Association and 35-year-old salon owner.
\"We quote quotes from all new customers, or if regular customers are changing their usual service,\" she said . \".
Must the salon show its price?
Ben Radisich of the consumer affairs department of Victoria said that Sharon has no legal obligation to list or display its prices.
\"However, if that is the case, the price must be true, not misleading,\" he said . \".
If your salon does not offer a quote or price list, it is a good idea to ask before starting the service as a customer so you know what you are doing.
Don\'t be afraid to ask for the cost of each treatment or step so you can decide what to do next or what you don\'t want to do.
\"I don\'t think any Barber will be angry or angry because the customer asks for a quote,\" said Sharon owner Sandy Chong . \".
\"I think this should be the case.
\"But a few women told me that they were under unexpected charges at the end of the salon visit.
\"Last year, I was getting a quote for $250.
Personally consulted, I spent $495 when I actually finished the job and spent about five hours there, \"said Nina Abraham of Melbourne.
\"I was very shocked and embarrassed when they told me the final amount, I just paid.
\"Situations like Nina can constitute misleading and deceptive acts, which are unfair business practices prohibited by Australian Consumer Law (ACL).
ACL is the national law applicable to all departments and Australian jurisdictions.
This means that if you find yourself encountering bill shock at a mechanic, vet, or any other service provider, you can use the same rules mentioned here.
When deciding whether an act is misleading or deceptive, the most important question is whether the overall impression caused by the act is wrong or inaccurate --
This means that the salon generally cannot use a small font or disclaimer as an excuse to mislead you.
Lisa Grealy, a senior lawyer at the Consumer Litigation Legal Center, explained that there is no difference in whether the business is intentionally misleading you.
\"For example, if a hair salon accidentally misses a sign with an old price when choosing a barber, and one relies on the sign, then the hair salon may be misleading, Greeley said: \"MS.
If you are charged for additional services and you do not agree, what should I do? After experiencing the initial shock of a bill that almost doubled, Nina called the salon and told them that she was
Although personal financial issues are the biggest cause of pressure for Australians, we have hardly ever talked about this. Why?
She told me that they told her that \"they will put in the healing and toner and baby lights \".
The items are not all included in the offer provided at the beginning of her appointment.
Nina was right to think her salon bill was a bit inappropriate. colour (so to speak)
: Under the ACL, the salon cannot request payment for the service provided to the person who did not ask to receive the service, also known as the \"unrequested service \".
Businesses cannot also invoice goods or services that are not requested unless they \"reasonably believe\" that they have the right to do so.
In short: you have the right to refuse to pay for the service you do not agree.
Please quote if you are slapped by the Sky
The salon bill is high because you forgot to check the price first
But the salon did not mislead you.
Then you may have bad luck.
This is the case with Annabel Mach, who said: \"I did my hair for over $100 last time and did the\" go wound treatment \"--
Also called comb!
\"Receive the best newsletters in our ABC life every week. The stylist told her she needed treatment and she didn\'t think of asking when they didn\'t say the price.
\"For something that is essentially a conditioner, I don\'t think I\'m going to be hit by triple numbers,\" she said . \".
Unfortunately, for situations like Annabel, ACL is unlikely to prohibit excessive charges.
For black women, the decision to wear hair naturally is more than just for beauty and vanity.
According to the law, charging high prices often does not constitute \"unreasonable behavior,\" MS Grealy noted \".
\"The law assumes that competition between businesses will remain low-priced, but sometimes businesses do charge too much and consumers can protect themselves by asking the price in advance,\" she said . \".
MS Chong said that some customers may be surprised by the price of the service because they do not understand the level of complexity involved in the service they are asking.
\"Unrealistic expectations are one of the biggest setbacks in our industry,\" she said . \"
\"Like, \'I have black hair, can I spend so much money with white hair in two hours? \'?
The answer is No.
It takes 12 months from black to white and a lot of visits and money.
\"Prices may also vary as some businesses pay higher rents for their location, take longer on the service, or offer\" luxury \"as part of the service \"(think: good-
Coffee and massage chairs)
According to the consumer and business services department of South Australia.
When the salon messed up your hair, who paid for it? Maybe you find yourself in a mess with a group of disastrous zebras --
At the end of the date, there will be style highlights, surprising Wood mul cuts or unexpected orange tones on your horse mane.
Who has to pay to fix it?
On the Money page of ABC Life, there is a lot of information about how to solve the money problem and the financial world. Sydney-
Colurist, based in Tegan Gilchrist, \"obviously kept the color for too long and overdeveloped,\" she said, facing the situation.
She was charged $20 to cover the extra toner needed for repairs.
Even worse, \"it takes an hour and a half in addition to the three hours I was there.
\"The law will support you in this case.
All customers are protected by the \"consumer guarantee\" of the ACL, which indicates that appropriate services and skills must be provided;
Suitable for any specific purpose;
And provide within a reasonable time.
According to the choice of the consumer advocacy group, the \"appropriate care and skills\" requirement means that the salon must use an acceptable level of skill or technical knowledge and they must be careful to avoid loss or damage.
\"If they make a mistake in providing services because they don\'t take reasonable care, then they need to fix their mistakes at their own expense,\" Grealy said . \" MS.
Complain if you are not satisfied with the experience of the hair salon, if you are not satisfied with the service provided, your first step is to talk to the salon.
You can ask for a refund or seek another remedy, such as further trimming your hair or providing color services for your hair.
From the telephone;
If this does not work, you may have to follow up by email or letter.
Whether you hate shopping or just want to get more out of it, knowing your style personality can help you become a better shopper.
If you don\'t know what to say, you may want to use one of the templates or scripts selected to provide, or join some of the phrases you have learned in this article, such as the Australian Consumer Act, misleading behavior, or appropriate attention and skills \".
When you are trying to resolve your dispute, it is a good idea to write down any details of your conversation with the salon.
\"It\'s also important to document any marketing or commitment you get --
\"Anything that shows the level of quality that a rational person would expect,\" said Choice spokesman Jonathan Brown . \".
\"This is a good reason to make a digital booking if possible, so the commitment you get is clearly documented.
\"If your problem is still unresolved, it may be time to seek advice from the fair trade body in your state, the Australian Competition and Consumer Council (ACCC)
The spokesman said.
You can also seek advice directly from ACCC.
The best place to ask for help from consumers will depend on your situation.
If your situation is really bad, you may need to take action in a court or small claims court in your territorial state.
If you understand this, it\'s a good idea to get independent legal advice on your choice --
Services provided by your attorney, legal aid office or local community legal center
Because it can be very expensive to take legal action.
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