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How SEZ Supports Aerospace Industry Growth in India

by:QY Precision      2020-07-18
Aerospace industry is a pursuit industry that deals with high technology equipments and strategies. This industry requires a support base to fit aerospace precision machined parts for various products such as aircrafts, missiles, engines, propulsion units etc. This necessitates the setting up of facilities such as SEZ (Special Economic Zones) to meet its machining parts should. Global manufacturing services also been set up in various parts of the country give support in areas springing out of manufacturing process planning, assembly process planning, tooling design and development, value engineering and value analysis, reverse engineering, assembly tooling design & development and CNC program coding. These services enter into joint ventures with other reputed organizations to expand its capabilities and support aerospace companies in the area of metal manufacturing and special processing areas. For example, in Karnataka SEZ, there is a facility that has capacity of working over 45000 hrs/year using state-of-the art machinery for the manufacturing of precision machined aero engines and aero structure components to adhere to the stringent quality standards belonging to the Aerospace industry. By choosing to use such aerospace engineering services set up in hi-tech SEZ units, aerospace companies can enjoy the following advantages. There are a variety of engineering consultancy services that offer support to aerospace engineering institutions. With support from such manufacturing and engineering services, Aerospace industry in India is poised for greater growth and success in the future.
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