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how microsoft made the most powerful console the world has ever seen

by:QY Precision      2019-09-04
Microsoft released its new console Xbox One X at the Los Angeles Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 on Sunday.
The machine has more powerful features, speed, and graphics fidelity than its predecessors, but Microsoft has not demonstrated its virtual reality capabilities.
Image: tilt TopSource in front of Microsoft Xbox One X console controller: vendor Microsoft is calling Xbox One X-
Formerly known as the Scorpio project
The most powerful game console ever.
Installation of cutting, however
The edge hardware required for 4 k games becomes a compact package that keeps cooling, which is always a challenge for designers and engineers at Microsoft\'s Redmond headquarters near Seattle, USA.
Senior Industrial designer Brian Sparks said from an aesthetic point of view that the film 2001 as a whole: the Space Odyssey is the main source of inspiration for the color and style of X\'s appearance. “[The Monolith]
\"This is an important point of progress,\" he said, adding that it seems to be the right inspiration given One X\'s progress in console power supply.
Mr Sparks also doesn\'t want X to be bigger than S, which is a huge problem, \"because its power has increased by 40 cents.
Leo Del Castillo, general manager of Xbox hardware, said that X has twice the thermal power of S, while the operating temperature is also within the 90C range.
Minimizing the voltage of the main components is just a creative solution to this problem.
The traditional host and computer are cooled by combining radiator and circulating fan.
However, One X contains steam room cooling, which includes de-ionic water in a copper indoor vacuum working with the radiator and fan.
\"We believe this is the first time it has been used in consumer goods of this size,\" Mr Del Castillo said . \".
Xbox One X is very similar in appearance to Xbox One S.
Source: in order to maximize the efficiency of One X, the same fan drains heat from the radiator and also draws hot air from the power supply.
The motherboard is also located at the top of the device-
Watch horizontally-
Additional cooling vents are allowed to be placed on the side of the chassis to help with airflow.
Mr. Del Castillo added that the interior part of an X was so carefully arranged that there was very little space left.
\"Even a moving part of a millimeter can cause interference elsewhere, so it\'s critical for designers to work together at the same time,\" he said . \".
Make sure that all the technical magic work inside One X is only part of the design challenge, and the look of the unit also includes an amazing amount of work.
Even if it was only decided on the size and shape of the cooling vent, it was a struggle that led to the creation of many prototype designs.
With a wide range of prototyping and design facilities, Microsoft HQ has several independent laboratories, including 3D printers, laser cutting machines, CNC machines and even spray --
Painting facilities
Microsoft exclusive products like Forza 7 are made at 4 k and look great on Xbox One X.
Source: supply mock-
The ups for the Xbox One X case is made using six 3D printers-
The state-of-the-art ability to print in several different colors requires 16 resin cartridges, each for $ A1275.
Other elements of the prototype, especially those that need to stand up to more powerful use, are made of aluminum and magnesium alloy.
Even deciding what color the unit should be requires more involvement --
Sure, it\'s black, but how dark should it be?
Matte or shiny black?
How does each black interact with a different surface texture? Mock-
The ups of the console housing was taken to the spray booth and sprayed with a proprietary paint mix, the evaluation results are as follows
They decided to go with infinite black.
Even the location of the optical drive is the subject of discussion, ensuring that it is still accessible while incorporating external design aesthetics.
Seeing a disassembled X shows how much space is left in it
There is almost no wasted space, and a dozen major components are tightly placed in an efficient package.
The console itself is due to be released on November 7.
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