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how jelly shoes worked

by:QY Precision      2019-10-15
The production of jelly shoes is made of various plasticized materials, the most common of which is PVC.
PVC stands for PVC and has many potential formulations that can be either rigid or flexible.
It is relatively cheap to make, and the products made with it are often long-lasting and low-maintenance.
Making jelly shoes is a very simple process.
For example, in Grendene, a mechanic uses a CNC machine (
Representing Computer Numerical Control)
Mold their various brands.
Then form jelly through the injection molding process;
PVC resin and many additives that adjust the rigidity, texture, color and other physical properties of shoes are forced into the mold to form.
Studying which additive combination works best is a big part of their process ---
They have currently prepared more than 70 different recipes for PVC [
Source: Grendene].
Some PVC that will even be recycled [
Source: Michault].
Many other products are also made of PVC.
It is heavily used for construction, automotive, agricultural, medical, electronic and packaging purposes.
It is also found in consumer goods such as garden water pipes, sporting goods, kitchen appliances, and children\'s toys.
On the next page, we\'ll look at the journey jelly has made over the years through the fashion magazine\'s to-do list.
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