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\'house of cards\' sued get our name off your slots!

by:QY Precision      2019-08-25
An MIT company may win a grand prize in a casino game called House of Cards. . .
It doesn\'t even need to pull the lever.
Media Rights Capital, the production company of Netflix show, was sued by a company called d2.
According to legal documents. . .
D2 has the right to the \"House of Cards\" mark, which was used in the game since 2009, when it registered the phrase of the broadcast program of the same name.
The company also gained the right to put a \"House of Cards\" on its hat.
Long before the show debuted on Netflix in 2013, shirt and bumper stickers appeared.
D2 claims that the MRC even tried to register the trademark on its own, but was rejected as D2 was already registered. . .
However, despite this, the merch with the \"House of Cards\" will continue to be sold.
D2 said they even went further when MRC got permission for \"House of Cards ---
Which D2 does it have? -
Make two slot machines for game giant gt--
\"House of Card power and money\" installed in the casino and \"Welcome to the House of Cards in Washington \".
D2 wants to stop slot machines and want damages.
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