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Honest Shenzhen CNC machining factory

by:QY Precision      2020-01-07
CNC lathe processing industry is an industry that keeps improving, and attaching importance to honesty is the magic weapon for CNC parts processing enterprises to survive. An enterprise that does not speak good faith is not a good enterprise. Even if it can enjoy the scenery for a while, it will not enjoy the scenery for a lifetime and will eventually be eliminated by the CNC precision machining industry. If you want to find a sincere Shenzhen CNC machining factory, we are a good choice. The service tenet of Shenzhen CNC machining is: I do useful things for customers; I do what the company wants to do; I do what others don't do. As long as we agree to the customer's business, whether it is CNC lathe processing or non-standard mechanical parts processing, we will do it. Take one thing in the past few years as an example, a customer has made a CNC part processing of automobile toys in Shenzhen CNC machining factory. When the toy CNC parts processing was almost finished, the customer company fell into a financial crisis and had no time to take care of CNC precision machining. Shenzhen CNC machining factory has locked the customer's toy CNC parts in the sample cabinet after processing them. After about half a year, the customer contacted us and said that his difficulties had been solved one by one, and he wanted to pay the final payment to get back the toy CNC parts processing products. Although some customers said they wanted to buy it, they all refused one by one and knew that the customers would still want it. When the customer saw the car toy model he was thinking about day and night, he excitedly said to the related business: 'I didn't expect Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers to stick to good faith for so long and remember the customer's needs. 'Shenzhen CNC machining factory has been engaged in CNC parts processing and ordering for more than 10 years, and has promised customers to do everything. This is our rule of survival in CNC precision machining industry.
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