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by:QY Precision      2019-11-26
First of all, I would really like to thank instructures and Mr. Tom McWire, who is the author of the easy-to-make desktop 3-axis CNC milling machine.
When I saw this structure, I was thinking.
I made this 3 axis cnc machine and I have to share this hobby cnc by guiding me on how to make it.
Hobbies cnc easy can make very cheap materials, all of which are sold in the local market. I use the \"PRO Tom Mc Wire\" circuit to control the stepping motor.
It\'s cheap and easy to make.
I am using the production of the control board (
Printed circuit board)
, IC CD4516, CD4028, MOSFET 2N7000, 12 v 10 w scooter side indicator light bulb, 12v2A transformer, stepping motor (
Take it out of the old printer)
Diode 1N4007, Zina 6V2, metal housing for battery elements, all other components are the same as the circuit.
The welding element is the same as the circuit, cutting the wire that is not needed (copper)
Check the line from the line pcb using a multimeter.
3-axis CNC machine tools need 3 control boards.
I assembled the board separately for easy testing.
After assembling the three control boards in the available space and securing them within the battery element housing, see the photo below. . . .
Pro Tom McWire structures using frames \".
I like cnc pipe for my hobby \", pipe for stability.
GI pipe size can change which one in the market (1/2,\' or1 inch)
First fix the \"X\" guide rail in parallel using the \"U\" channel screw, as shown in the following figure.
Fix the stepping motor using a small \"E\" channel and use a small rubber hose for the threaded rod connected to the shaft of the stepping motor.
The 6\' x6 \'ply wood pieces of the \"X\" and \"Y\" tables also require two aluminum u channels to move in the Y direction, for the \"Z\" 4\'x8\' plywood that is twisted into a frame to fix the U channel, for the upper and lower \"Z\" plate movement (fibre board)with bearing. see also Easy-to-Build-Desk-Top-3-Axis-CNC-Milling-
Using kcam (trial)from kellyware.
Com in port settings, its free and user friendly settings table settings and port settings remember that pin No14 is reverse.
The 25 pin D sub-parallel port cable connected to the computer uses only 9 pins 2,3, 4,5, 6,7, 8, 9, 14 in this circuit. X Axis(
Step pin No, DIR pin No. 3. enable pinNo. 4)
The y axis step 5 dir 6 en 7, Z axis step 8 dir 9 en 14 now hobby cnc is ready to draw the 6\'x6 \'area. .
I wanted to carve some patterns later. . .
Update the \"Z\" axis see the following figure, using the cutting board (kitchen)
The rotating tool keeps the fixture for replacing the Stepping Motor 1. 12 v 8 degrees, 0. 4A. . . .
Move smoothly. . . Thank you. . . Hi friends. . .
I made the bipolar stepping motor controller board as a circuit as Mr. TOM MC WIRE. .
Here are some pictures. .
I replaced 4 bulbs with 12E 10 w resistor. .
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