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history and uses of edm wire machine

by:QY Precision      2019-10-11
The EDM process makes it easy for manufacturers to make complex workpieces, which is of great help to them.
Each device is made up of several other parts, and every company today tries to make the most of the space as effectively as possible.
To be more efficient, they have to create complex parts so they can get a lot of tasks from those parts.
Any ordinary cutting machine like CNC machine tools, end mills, etc. , manufacturers can not get a high level of efficiency.
This is why the manufacturer uses the EDM line method for precise cutting.
Each EDM machine has two electrodes that constantly emit sparks that erode the material.
It is precisely because of this technology that manufacturers can now cut and punch even on 300mm thick paper.
This method can not only form the workpiece, but also remove all scrap from the workpiece.
In 1770, a British physicist named Joseph pristrley began his research on the erosion effects that discharge can produce.
Two Russians accidentally invented a way to control the metal processing process.
The Lazarenko brothers invented the process in 1943 and the Lazarenko circuit with its name.
Some progress was made in 1952 and 1955, but the appropriate EDM wire cutting machine was developed in 1969 and launched by Agie.
CNC controlled EDM line machining was invented in Japan in 1972 and has since been applied around the world.
The most important part of EDM wire cutting machine is de-
Ionization water is very useful in this process because it will never let the electrodes heat the metal.
This can damage products that are not good for any company.
There are now companies that use the number of electrodes during the cutting process so that they can finish the product quickly.
These electrodes are set in a special way and they are used in places where cutting, drilling and cavities are done at the same time.
These electrodes are set to have a specific impact on the product.
As mentioned earlier, the closer these electrodes are, the higher the degree of damage, so the manufacturer needs more time to set the distance of the electrodes again and again.
To solve this problem, they use multiple electrodes set at a constant distance.
With these electrodes, the speed of work has been accelerated, and a lot of workers have been saved.
This kind of processing has many advantages, it is very popular because of this.
It leaves a smooth surface after operation and can cut these metals in a few minutes, while the normal cutting machine takes several hours.
The holes it drills are usually very thin and can remain symmetrical using this technique.
It can also remove any broken tool from the workpiece without damaging it.
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