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high speed, dry gear hobbing.

by:QY Precision      2019-12-06
IMTS 98 is an important phase of integration of the two technologies designed to improve the mass, mass production of small gears, such as automatic transmission and small gears used in power tools.
Cooperation efforts between Liebherr
The LCV 40 cnc gear rolling machine Verzahntechnik and EMAG are used for high-speed dry rollers up to 40mm in diameter.
It combines the two pick-up spindles of the EMAG with Liebherr\'s dry rolling tooth technology.
This machine can produce up to 150,000 gears per year in three months
The shift operation and cost reduction is up to 20% compared to the traditional rolling tooth processing.
The secret of fast parts processing is double
Spindle operation.
When one spindle is cut, the other picks up the next part to confuse it.
According to Liebherr, the workpiece replacement chipto-
The chip time is 2 seconds.
LCV 40 rotating double-Anatomy of teamwork
As far as gears are concerned, the working spindle does represent an unprecedented machine design.
Cutting machine.
The working spindle uses direct drive at speeds up to 1000 rpm.
The spindle itself is arranged at 180-deg rotaryunit.
One spindle is in the cutting position, and the other spindle uses the pick method to change the part at the same time.
And he showed it-
Stop technology for some JMTS visitors.
But it is important to check other features of the LCV 40.
First consider the base of the machine: aggregate concrete with wall thickness of 160mm.
This guarantees vibration.
The manufacturer reports free manufacturing and the best tool life with excellent thermal rigidity.
The LCV 40 also offers three options for CNC control --
LiebherrCNC LH 90, Siemens CNC 840 C or Fanuc CNC 15 MB.
You can use the synthesis program for all controls.
Workpiece clamping is another advantage because the fixture concept of the LCV 40 allows cutting to work or away from workpiecespindle.
The pneumatic monitoring system ensures that the parts are properly clamped in the fixture. (
For additional support for shaft parts or drilling parts, tail racks can be provided, Liebherr said. )
Of course, the expected result of the clamping of the overhead spindle and the workpiece is an unobstructed chip gap.
Due to carbidedry cutting, the chip is effectively removed from the work area.
Another feature of the LCV 40 is its integrated artifact storage, which means that up to 270 pieces can be stored in only 1 square meter of storage space.
Direct integration to external parts-
Processing system can be selected.
Liebherr is pleased with the popularity of this high-speed dry processing technology over the past five years, saying that it will provide emag\'s VSC technology in specific market areas.
The technical cooperation agreement will be a prelude to the exchange of turnkey works and machine parts.
The components of the LCV 40 are similar in design to the vertical lathe series of many onEMAG.
This may be an advantage when two types of machines are used as production units and integrated into manufacturing systems;
Operation and programming are almost the same.
As the company spokesperson pointed out, \"This is particularly beneficial in a production environment that relies on multiple production methods.
Frequently change the shift work cycle of the operator.
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