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hewlett-packard\'s premium consumer notebook strategy is working

by:QY Precision      2019-09-15
Ten years ago, Hewlett
Packard is a major player in the high-end notebook industry.
Then it\'s Apple, it\'s everything.
Aluminum notebook, come to the scene and Hewlett-
Pacard is starting to focus more and more on the mid-market.
Scope and value space.
So, Hewlett
Packard no longer pays attention to the high-end part of the laptop, which has a negative impact on the halo effect of the entire hp pc brand.
At the same time, Dell has increased its focus on high-end products through its XPS series of laptops, and even Lenovo, which does not pay attention to high-end consumers, is demonstrating its innovative capabilities.
I firmly believe that the halo effect has played a strong role in consumer electronics, and the desire for high-end products has attracted consumers to enter the entire product line.
I have been criticizing Hewlett.
Over the past few years, I think there has been a lack of presence and investment in the high-end sector in Packard.
I am happy to say that this has changed dramatically, as evidenced by both of their consumer notebooks and their attitude towards high-end products.
They released HP Omen and Spectre x3 60 laptops last year, both of which are excellent examples of HP
Packard\'s improvements in the field of high-end laptops.
I personally have been using it for a long time and I would also like to share with you some of my observations on both.
The new HP Premium laptop has developed many products in different locations and prices within a large company, which is by no means an easy task.
It is more difficult when profits are difficult to achieve, because a mistake eats up all quarterly profits.
Everyone before the CEO needs to work on this because these numbers never look good at the beginning.
Quality products need to be invested in quality in the right place, otherwise you will look like a pretentious person.
It also needs better marketing, which is sometimes completely different from the rest of the product line.
In terms of user experience, it is necessary to consider thoughtful and perfect.
Defects and problems that may arise in the mainstream and value lines will not occur in the high-end world.
So when the problem comes up, you need leaders who can say \"no\" to the shipping product.
You need leaders who are able to crack the fire of project managers, engineers, supply chains and testers who will breathe from your neck, \"just ship it \".
There\'s a lot of \"fire\" breathing on Hewlett.
HP\'s Mike Nash is vice president of HP\'s Personal Systems Group.
At the end of the day, Mike\'s job is to ensure that products like ghosts and omens provide a rich experience from the purchase process to the boot to use to support.
He is a man who can say \"no\", but it is also important that he can work with Microsoft to make the software build \"just right\", just like HP and Spectre x360.
Getting people like Mike into an organization is critical to having a good high-level experience.
Let\'s talk about the product.
The HP Spectre x3 60 is an absolutely beautiful 2-in-
1 laptop with CNC machined aluminum case with straight cut aluminum edge.
Its battery life is excellent as I can squeeze out about 10-
The average battery life is 11 hours.
Since Spectre x3 60 is a convertible PC, it also has very convenient modes like stand mode, which I found particularly useful on the plane.
Although it is a convertible notebook, it is still very thin due to its \"magic\" hinge.
Oh, that gorgeous hinge, where the transition syncs well, you can put the whole system flat together when it\'s a very thin laptop.
The Spectre x3 60 also has an absolutely huge and accurate trackpad, which is a growing trend if you follow some high-end branded laptops like the new MacBook.
It also has some good connections to HDMI and display port out, allowing almost all types of display connections inside the office (DP)and home (HDMI).
The HP Spectre x3 60 also has three \"virtual proofread\" USB ports, which means that all three ports are USB 3.
0, all three have charging functions, so when the phone runs out on the same day, don\'t worry about which port you inserted. For the follow-
On the product, I would like to see a narrower, smaller version of Spectre x3 60 that is easier to use in tablet mode.
If you are looking for a 13 \"notebook, I strongly recommend that you check out the Spectre x360.
Also, Spectre x3 60 is the best 13 \"2-in-
I used it.
I am not alone because I have heard it from the United StatesS.
Now sell good retail channels, and take sales from Lenovo\'s hands.
End yoga, basically who invented 2-in-
1 space with its convertible yoga brand. HP OmenHewlett-
Packard\'s Omen is for gamers, real gamers, or people who want to be gamers who want to play games on their laptops.
In a series of laptops that look very similar, Omen has a very differentiated and cool design, and gets some design leads from its Voodoo PC origins.
It is made of light weight CNC-
Processed aluminum with dimples, black matte finish.
Looks like you haven\'t seen it before.
Because it\'s a gaming notebook, Omen has customizable keys and customizable lights.
It also has fully programmable macro keys on the side, just like many MMORPGs and regular RPGs game keyboards today.
It\'s not a sign of performance laziness either, it has an Intel Core i7 quad core up to 3.
5 GHz Turbo and nvidia gtx 860 M with 4 gb vram and 256 or 512 GB PCIe SSD.
HP has also done a lot of work under this design to manage all these high
Terminal components with a system that pulls air out of its unique base and drains the air to the back, away from the player.
Omens also have some slight touches to make it look more elegant, these include animated speakers where the lights near the power port light up when the battery is low, this way you can plug in when it\'s dark.
I also have a Razer Blade and I love it, but I prefer HP omens for many reasons.
The Razer Blade is like a matte black MacBook Pro with a more powerful in-game interior built into it, while HP\'s omens are built from the ground --
Become a game machine.
In the next version of Omen, I would like to see more customization of keys and lights, some speaker improvements, and of course every new gaming notebook, upgraded to the latest graphics and processors.
You can even look at the level of tactile feedback on the keyboard.
It\'s over in a few years, Hewlett.
Packard has been essentially a no.
Show two outstanding products and best consumers in the high-end consumer notebook computer field 2-in-
I have used 1 and game notebooks so far.
HP Spectre x3 60 and Omen are a very good start, and HP needs to continue to invest in their high-end laptops so that consumers can accept HP as a high-end brand more over time.
These improvements also come as HP swings with its \"hybrid reality\" innovations such as Sprout and multi-jet fusion 3D printing technology. Long-
In other words, HP must also find and own a marketing position that does not cross with Apple to build closer, more personalized connections with consumers.
At Discover 2015 in Las Vegas, both HP and I sat down.
Dion Wessler, CEO of Antonio Lucio, who was recently appointed chief marketing officer, discussed this.
While I can\'t share the details, I can say that they are all very clear about what needs to be done and what they intend to do.
I was excited to see the news from HP.
After the split officially took place in November 1
In PCs, this is an exciting moment, no matter where you are on top of your premium notebook brand preferences, there is no better time to buy new premium notebooks than it is now.
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