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here\'s how you turn 787 components into a $230,000 watch

by:QY Precision      2019-09-16
You don\'t need to know anything about the watch to know.
Richard LangePerpetual of Lanzhi & Söhne is a complex beastJust look at it.
It\'s not so obvious that countless difficult design decisions have to be made, and the hard work of creating each component, as well as the steps needed to put all these parts together.
In October, when touringLange was made in grashut, Germany, we visited a small car room where a group of elite watchmakers worked on state-of-the-art watches, including Tela
Let\'s take a look at the $230,000 787-
Part of the calendar is alive.
The design challenge Terraluna was originally designed to create a permanent calendar suitable for the brand\'s Richard Lange series.
This means that there must be cross rings to track hours, minutes, seconds, and all other information must be placed around them.
Soon, technical director Anthony De Haas realized that it meant that there was no space for the monthly display, which he thought was essential for a true permanent calendar.
So he did the next logical thing and turned to the back.
Lange\'s movement uses the traditional Saxon \"three-
As you can guess, a big board covers three-
Several quarters of the campaign.
This space gives de Haas and his team a perfect canvas to create an oversized moon phase display.
The display on Earth shows not only the phase of the moon, but also the position of the Moon relative to the Earth and the Sun (
Represented by the gold balance wheel)
The rotation of the Earth itself.
It takes a few months to put everything together and make a single human being, involving dozens of people.
When individual parts come out of the CNC machine in the dedicated parts of manufacture, they start their lives.
This is an unromantic part of the process and it all starts here.
From here on, the original component is finished.
By manually tuning, ensure that there are no burrs or defects that may affect the accuracy of Assembly movement.
Only then did the finishing process begin, and when wide glashurti stripes were added on the plates and bridges, the edges were manually chamfer at the internal and external angles, and brush the wheels at the top and bottom.
Once the components are ready, the watch is assembled twice. Yes, twice.
For the first time, everything is put together, adjusted, and the watchmaker ensures that the final product works perfectly.
During this process, it is possible that the parts will be scratched or the finishing is interrupted, so the watch will be disassembled, each part will be inspected and cleaned, and a second assembly will occur. It\'s laborious—
It\'s a nightmare from an efficiency perspective, especially when you think it has to be done by the most skilled watchmaker in the workshop, many of them have spent decades of training to do this kind of work.
The result of the completion of Terraluna is a beautiful thing.
That is to say, it is a pretty beautiful thing. At 45.
Opposite 5mm and 16.
5mm thick, it is dangerously close to the wearable area, especially when you consider the weight of the Gold Box and the German silver movement.
But if you are shaking Terraluna, you may not have done any weight lifting and may have your wrist sitting comfortably on the arm rest of the recliner.
Size aside, Terraluna is handsome and does a great job of balancing the understated finish and the undisguised impressive.
Part of making such a complex watch is not to let the big boom distract attention from the small details.
In fact, the more packaging on the dial and case, the more important it is that the finer points are perfect and will not affect the overall enjoyment of the watch.
It sounds simple, but it\'s one of the hardest things to do.
For example: it is undeniable that Terraluna\'s dial is overcrowded, especially when the three dials overlap --
Next to the red \"30\" of the minute indicator-
Three different cuts per number are required.
This will never drive me crazy.
But the oblique sides and hand-to-hand sides on the windows help ensure the overall ease for the shape of the track on the dial . .
This is a short version of how 787 components are transformed, video technology and tradition (
Thousands of hours)
A fully functional artwork at the same price as Mercedes Maybach.
The complicated circus may be useless in 2015.
In the most charming way
But a team of artisans and engineers in rural Germany can come together to produce something like Terraluna, which is incredible.
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