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Have undertaken big reforms, changed working of official machinery: PM

by:QY Precision      2019-10-22
Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that his government has made many breakthrough economic reforms, making the country the most popular investment of $60 billion in foreign direct investment in the previous fiscal year.
Inauguration of the two men
On the day of the \"global investor summit\" hosted by Assam, Modi said that the NLD government has accelerated the operation of official institutions, \"We want all projects to be completed before the target \".
Modi stressed that India\'s growth momentum will only be further enhanced when full-scale growth occurs
All-round development of the North
It also emphasized the importance of \"action Oriental policy\" in this regard.
\"We have an eastern action policy in place and the Northeast is at the heart of that policy.
\"The east-to-east policy calls for increased personnel contacts, trade relations and other relationships with Eastern Indian countries, especially ASEAN countries,\" he said . \".
The Prime Minister said the summit slogan \"Assam advantage: India\'s fast track to ASEAN\" is not only a statement, but also a comprehensive vision.
\"Over the past three years, the coalition government has embarked on many paths to break economic reforms --and-a-
\"For half a year, the process of doing business has been simplified,\" he said . \".
When it comes to the recent budget announcement, he said,
50 crore people will benefit from the health insurance program Ayushman Bharat, which enhances the possibility of hospital chains setting up hospitals in secondary and tertiary cities.
The Prime Minister said the new goal of ujwala\'s free cooking gas program has now been identified as eight crore women.
He said India has become the world\'s most popular destination for investment, with India receiving the highest $60 billion in foreign direct investment in 2016 --17.
Modi said his government has changed the way official institutions operate and is now working faster.
\"We want all projects to be completed before the target,\" he said . \".
Attending the event were the Prime Minister of Bhutan, tshing Tobgay, several trade union ministers, First Minister of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal, Aruna chiar, and the chief of mannipur, among others, tata chairman Mukesh Ambani, chairman of the son of Tata N. chandrasekharan.
Assam will host the first global investor summit to showcase its manufacturing opportunities and geo-strategic advantages to domestic and foreign investors.
The summit aims to highlight the core competencies of Assam in different sectors and the policy initiatives taken by the state government.
Sonowal said earlier that the event will show Assam\'s manufacturing strength and opportunities in terms of exports.
For the manufacturing and service sectors of growing economies such as ASEAN countries and other Southeast Asian countries.
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