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hauser, wirth & inventory - the unbearable lightness of schimmel’s absence

by:QY Precision      2019-08-29
Paul McCarthy\'s solo exhibition at one of the top galleries in Los Angeles is a newsworthy event.
The hero of this hometown has become an international art star, and the expectation of seeing his work has become even more exciting by Hauser Wirth Los Angeles\'s promise.
This is a large museum in the city center.
The level of the exhibition, but carry the price tag of 1%.
Just a few months before the first anniversary, the space, a week after Jason Rhodes\'s animated special show, suddenly abandoned the Southern California curatorial legend, Paul schmer, and set off a wave.
Still no one knows why it\'s definitely talking.
In addition to the dramatic physical Foundation, the promise of the original Hauser Wirth & Schimmel is a combination of HW\'s entry into the world --
The first-class art that works with schmeler himself can be said to be the greatest living curator in the world.
So the expectation of a performance by a great artist is a bit exciting to see if a world-class gallery can play a role in subtracting local celebrities.
Is planning more complicated for Swiss companies than building cuckoo clocks?
It turns out yes, yes.
Maybe it can\'t be done here because it\'s always going to be double checked \"what would Schimmel do? ”.
Despite this, the small display of the big work is worth seeing.
Paul McCarthy\'s exhibition, though good, reveals the large art fair Art that Hauser and Wirth minus Schimmel equals insensitive to background, history, and even basic location.
The McCarthy exhibition is a work already on display (in 2013! ! ! )
In New York and Seattle.
Is inventory.
Rumors surrounding Hauser, Wirth & Schimmel are that a commercial gallery can compete with museums to provide the most challenging exhibitions.
The gap between Paul schmeel is obvious.
And it\'s not a good way.
Imagine if MOCA became Wal-Mart. Mart overnight.
Kind of like this.
McCarthy\'s exhibition is limited to a large gallery.
In this vast complex, other properties are used for large exhibitions by Polish sculptor Monika Sosnowska.
A smooth and dry version of Jannis Kounellis with an affinity for the building).
Forgive one person, if the hype surrounding HWLA makes Paul McCarthy\'s performance there mean there will be some combination of academics and wonders, it\'s a safe assumption . . . . . . But alas, while there are compelling Paul McCarthy works in both series, there is nothing new here and nothing new.
A week before schmeel\'s dismissal, he spoke on the news preview of the Jason Rhodes show, and he was as enthusiastic as McCarthy, the complex and touching monologue of the leaving installation artist.
For his own performance, McCarthy presented his signature beard at a press conference, and simply told about the material process of making a huge \"Snow White\" thorn on the oak tree through a CNC machine.
What seems to be missing?
In the gallery space where the Sonoma exhibition is held, one may expect a wider understanding of McCarthy\'s work or the debut of new work;
In a sudden comment, in uncurated, oversized and (
Assuming so far)
Unsold items, on the media present, Paul Schimmel\'s tongue was full of Hauser and Wirth because he could not find it.
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