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HAL to provide tech support to Nashik firms | Nashik News - Times of India

by:QY Precision      2019-10-25
Aircraft manufacturer Hindustan Airlines Ltd. HAL)
The company said it plans to outsource maximum aircraft components to Nashik industries and will provide support for all technical and tool solutions for its selected suppliers.
Business meetings (B2B)
HAL and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
Nima index: 2012, a large industrial exhibition held in Nashik, aims to outsource the largest aircraft components in the region.
The Expo is held at Dongre guest house in Nashik.
Some 70 entrepreneurs attended the meeting.
Hal makes defense aircraft at the Ozar factory near Nashik.
The aircraft made here include Su-30 MKI (Twin-seater, Multi-
Role of long range fighter/bomber/air superiority aircraft), MiG-27 M (Single-
Dual-seat tactical fighter/bomber with variable scan wing), MiG-21 Variants (Single-
Tactical interceptor/fighter).
\"We have outsourced aircraft components in large quantities from Bangalore and Hyderabad.
However, outsourcing components to industries in Bangalore and Hyderabad is not feasible in logistics.
So we plan to outsource the largest aircraft components from the Nashik industry.
We already have about 15.
There are 20 suppliers in Nashik.
GSR Prasad, deputy general manager, said: \"selected suppliers of Nashik will receive technical and tooling solutions (
Outsourcing and marketing), HAL.
\"We already have skilled manpower to do the job, but we are looking for some areas of outsourcing.
The components we need include CNC machines, sheet metal, electronic looms, rubber parts, typical hydraulic service carts, tools and ground handling equipment . \"
Some suppliers of Nashik, including Panchal Engineering, Navkar Technology, etc.
A power point presentation was also made to HAL officials.
\"We have supply to Mahindra Sona, Crompton Greaves and Kent Introl Ltd.
In the total installed capacity, we used the capacity, while the remaining 30 cents will be used for the works of companies like HAL who have obtained the status of \"navratna\", \"Panchal recorded and briefly recorded.
\"Earlier these products were made here and their processing was done in Bangalore.
\"But today\'s new generation is producing high-quality products and exporting them to other countries,\" he said . \".
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