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Guarding Against Concussions: Startup Auxadyne Makes Ultra-Cushioning Foam For Helmets, Prosthetics

by:QY Precision      2019-10-24
In the battle against the destructive effects of concussion, new tools are always welcome as people continue to need better prosthetic buffers.
The auxiliary foam is one-when compressed, it expands with stretching and shrinking, providing a more efficient buffer than a normal foam. (
Think about the exact opposite of how cotton candy behaves when squashed and how rubber bands behave when stretched. )
It has many other uses, so when Florida State University developed a proprietary method of making this revolutionary bubble (FSU)
The potential is enormous.
This is exactly what Betsy and Joe Conden have been looking.
She is recognized by the state as an expert in industrial health and safety and he is an experienced problem --
Solvers and implementers of operations and supply chains in the medical device sector have been looking for opportunities to set up their own manufacturing companies.
This is a perfect fit.
They negotiated an exclusive agreement with FSU in 2015 to produce it, and Auxadyne, LLC was born.
\"We actually started with the garage,\" said Joe Condon, president of the company . \". (
CEO of Betsey Condon. )
\"We parked the car outside, spent some money on lab equipment, and then started to make the foam.
Now, we have several CNC machines for cutting and styling in a 13,000 square foot factory.
Although we are small, we are growing.
The company held a seed financing round in August 2016.
When the VA approached the FSU to develop a better solution for leg prosthetic pad, the whole thing started. (
In the first few years after this trauma, depending on the level of activity, hydration, and diet, the remaining limbs may change the volume by 20% in a day, so buffering is a big challenge. )
FSU Materials Science Laboratory is the first auxetics laboratory developed in 1987 at the University of Bolton, UK.
Over the years, there have been multiple white papers on the potential use of foam, but no one has found a good way to actually make it.
The work of the FSU resulted in the first commercially viable production method.
This is when Condons and Auxadyne come in.
They investigated commercial applications after reaching a production agreement.
The high production cost of foam is the biggest challenge.
\"You have to buy the normal bubble and then convert it so it can\'t compete with the commodity bubble,\" says Joe Condon . \".
\"So we ask ourselves, \'Does the vertical industry need high-value performance?
They chose to focus on three areas.
The initial goal of a medical device is one that includes prosthetic limbs, corrective surgery, braces, and supplementary pads.
The second is sports protection articles.
The third is the protective equipment of military and first responders.
\"We are generating revenue in all three areas at the moment,\" said Condon . \"
So they have a wide range of customers --ranging.
For example, in the field of medical devices, they have developed a pad system for hinge ankle brackets, the Costco brackets, together with the University of Notre Dame.
They also worked with GRD bioengineering to make a hinge knee brace.
In terms of sports equipment, they recently won the HeadHealth VI game of the National Football League.
They also signed an exclusive partnership with light helmets.
Develop the lightest Virginia Tech team 5 LS1 helmet
The star football helmet in the world has just caught up with 2019 football seasons.
Auxadyne has developed an auxiliary foam pad for the classic horse sports equestrian saddle pad series with Equibrand, winning three
According to their performance improvement on existing equipment, an annual supply agreement is reached.
They are also developing a wide range of racing helmet applications.
For the military and emergency personnel, their contract is to help develop pad systems for the United States. S.
Senior combat helmet for the Army
Their early work there has shown great hope.
\"Our auxiliary foam pad system has successfully achieved the challenge of the Army\'s 100% improvement in impact attenuation performance for existing solutions,\" says Condon . \".
They are also working on other military applications, including the design of an auxiliary foam formula for air helmets.
Recently, Auxadyne was selected as the Sweet 16 finalists of the Kaide Prize Final Expo at the Museum of creativity and invention in Gainesville, Florida.
They made money in the innovation competition, but they succeeded in other competitions.
\"We got the bonus at the investor meeting,\" Condon said . \".
Auxadyne is a young company, but the boss believes in the market they choose.
\"We can do almost anything, but we can\'t do anything,\" Condon said . \".
These markets keep them busy.
\"Our problems will not disappear-as we enter the stage of market acceptance and rapid growth, they will only change in essence,\" he added . \".
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