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Guangdong promotes the professional skills improvement action of CNC machining customization

by:QY Precision      2020-02-06
Guangdong's manufacturing industry is an industry that grows in sync with reform and opening up. CNC processing customization enterprises are widely distributed in the Pearl River Delta region. After decades of development, the field of precision mechanical parts processing has accumulated certain technical strength. In the current stage of transformation and upgrading, we must implement vocational skills improvement actions, promote the machining level of CNC lathes to a new level. To enliven the manufacturing industry, the key lies in people. Human capital is a very important factor of production for CNC machining customization enterprises. In the precision mechanical parts processing industry, the implementation of vocational skills improvement actions, comprehensively improve the professional skills of the operators on the production line, in order to build a high-quality craftsman team that meets the development requirements of the modern CNC lathe processing industry system. To promote the upgrading of professional skills in CNC machining customization, we should combine the reality of major machining enterprises, highlight the key groups in the front line of precision mechanical parts processing and production, and thoroughly implement the training project for new generation of industrial workers, taking a long-term view, formulate specific training plans, improve the assessment and evaluation system of vocational skills training, and promote the obvious improvement of the overall skill quality of front-line workers in CNC lathe processing.
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