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Guangdong: 2025 fully realize intelligent CNC precision machining--Shenzhen CNC machining factory

by:QY Precision      2020-02-06
As one of the main driving forces of China's manufacturing industry, the intelligent CNC precision machining industry will continue to grow steadily with the continuous introduction of favorable policies, and the position played by CNC parts machining will become more and more important. Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers have seen Guangdong Province push forward policies one after another to speed up the development of intelligent CNC parts processing industry. By 2025, the comprehensive strength and sustainable development capability of CNC parts processing industry in Guangdong province will be significantly enhanced, and its position in the global industrial chain and value chain will be significantly improved, the province has built a national intelligent CNC parts processing development demonstration leading area and an internationally competitive intelligent manufacturing industry agglomeration area. By 2025, Guangdong's CNC precision machining will enter the intelligent stage in an all-round way, basically completing a strong province for CNC parts machining and manufacturing. The level of CNC lathe processing and non-standard mechanical parts processing has been significantly improved, and the labor productivity of all employees in industries above designated size has been increased to 250 thousand yuan/person. Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers have significantly improved their independent innovation capabilities, and the proportion of R & D investment in the main business income of industrial enterprises above designated size has reached 1. More than 7%, the safe and controllable intelligent CNC parts processing technology product matching ability and information service ability have been significantly enhanced. By 2025, the international status of key enterprises represented by Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers will be highlighted, and a number of CNC parts machining enterprises with annual main business income exceeding 10 billion yuan and 100 billion yuan will be cultivated, A number of international CNC precision machining enterprises with independent brands and core key technologies have emerged. The international market share of technologies, products and services with independent intellectual property rights has increased significantly, we have built a national demonstration leading area for the development of intelligent CNC parts processing and manufacturing and a gathering area for intelligent CNC parts processing industry with high-level international division of labor and international competitiveness.
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