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gt advanced technologies enters exclusive distribution agreement with intego gmbh for automated sapphire inspection tools

by:QY Precision      2019-09-02
GT Advanced Technologies has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Intego GmbH for automated Sapphire testing tools. The new tool will enable high volume sapphire material detection, increase production and reduce costs for LED and cover screen applicationsH. --
GT Advanced Technology in March 13, 2013 (NASDAQ: GTAT)
Announced today an exclusive distribution agreement with Intego GmbH to allow GT to go public, and sellIntego\'s automated Sapphire detection tools include the Intego SIRIUS slaband brick detection tool and the sapphire currently under development
The new inspection tool is expected to increase the production of sapphire particles and increase the production of materials during the inspection process, thus reducing sapphire growth and manufacturing costs for various applications.
In addition, the detection tool allows digital control of the detection data with flat and brick layouts with downstream computers (CNC)machine tools.
These tools are expected to benefit today\'s led manufacturing industry and help achieve high-volume, low-cost production.
Sensitive applications for mobile and touch screen devices such as cover screen materials.
The terms of the agreement have not yet been issued.
\"Intego is a recognized leader in many industries in visual systems and material testing, and we are excited to work with them to bring automated Sapphire testing tools to market,\" said Tom Gutierrez . \" GT \'spresident and CEO.
\"This agreement enables us to deliver important products to the LED and mobile devices industries that will reduce the cost of the sapphire supply chain and increase productivity.
The automation of the sapphire material inspection process will provide more repeatable and consistent results, resulting in improved throughput.
This will help reduce Sapphire costs for large-capacity applications such as Shell materials for mobile and touch screen devices.
\"The Sirius Sapphire detection tool was developed by Intego in collaboration with GT\'s engineering team, which leverages GT\'s Sapphire R & D facility in Salem, Massachusetts.
Using advanced sapphire detection technology and optimization algorithms, SIRIUS tools can quickly provide optimized core or material layout on sapphire boards and transfer the pattern to CNC machine tools.
When the sapphire screen detection tool is fully developed, it is expected that the tool will perform 2D and 3D detection of sapphire screens and windows to help characterize and track each piece in all downstream production steps.
GT will fully support tools in this area through its global services and support resources.
Located in Erlangen, Germany, Intego GmbH develops inspection systems for automated production lines in solar, LED, automotive, plastic and medical technologies.
For more information about intego, please visit www. intego. de/en.
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GT Advanced Technology
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Our products accelerate the adoption of new, advanced materials to improve performance and reduce manufacturing costs.
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