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gop rep amash calling for impeachment. transcript: 5/28/19, the 11th hour w/ brian williams.

by:QY Precision      2019-10-27
Kamala HarrisD)
California: Yes.
Lawrence O\'Donnell, MSNBC anchor: he has a problem.
He told the New York Times in the election that he wanted someone to save G. M. Plant. HARRIS: Yes.
O\'Donnell: Put that G. M. Plant reopened.
He said it\'s his quote today, \"I don\'t care if it\'s Democrats, Republicans, men, women, black people, white people, I don\'t care.
You are three of them. HARRIS: Indeed.
So Rick Marsh is listening. HARRIS: Yes. So, Mr.
Marsh, first of all, I would like to thank you for having the courage to tell your story and share with us your family and environment, including everything your daughter and she needs, and everything you have prepared for her.
Look, he\'s right. He is right.
The reality is that under the current government, we have a resident who has been playing games with workers all the time.
We have an American president who has been playing games on trade.
Hemade promised American workers.
On the contrary, those promises that he did not comply with, he has been implementing trade policies through tweets, which has caused the information staff to have the bins full of soybeans rot because they cannot sell them to China, they have been there for decades.
Due to the Twitter deal, we have families paying more for washing machines, shampoo and clothing.
As a result of this-
The administration and the president\'s so-called trade policy, with more than 700,000 workers and auto workers, could lose their jobs like Obama did.
Because of this policy, Marsh\'s story.
O\'Donnell: Senator, can I tell the audience at MSNBC what\'s going on here? HARRIS: Yes.
O\'Donnell: because we have now entered two minutes of overtime and entered the \"11 hours\" of Brian Williams \".
Brian Williams is going to work tonight.
He will come.
We will extend it for a few more minutes in these final questions in South Carolina.
Look for Brian\'s guy outside.
We will be right here for the next question.
But what I want to say is-O\'Donnell: OK. Go ahead.
Harris:-finish, Lawrence.
As we see in this administrative strade policy that hurts workers, what we should recognize is the Trump trade tax.
We are all paying the price for policies that lead to Trump\'s trade tax.
We pay more for washing machine and shampoo.
We pay more interest for farmers who have to bear the cost of planting soybeans that rot in bins.
We paid more for the unemployment of auto workers.
It\'s not smart and it\'s not in the best interests of our country\'s productivity and workers.
O\'Donnell: Well, we\'ll get one more and we\'ll move on.
Hi Senator Harris, this is Sheila. ph).
I\'m 18 tomorrow.
So my first vote will be in the primary in South Carolina.
Harris: happy birthday. That`s great.
Thank you.
Harris: Great.
Breeder: I want to know what you have to say to my friends and my generation who just don\'t think voting is important and friendly-Harris: Yes.
-Tired of this political process.
I\'m glad you\'re here, Sheila (ph)
Happy Birthday to You
You are so important here.
Look, when everyone is involved, our democracy is the strongest and the most powerful.
In fact, you know, I think we are a country based on lofty ideals, right?
Part of our strength as a nation comes from our nature and we are ambitious.
We are ambitious people.
We are built on lofty ideals.
The ideal of existence when we write the constitution of the United States and all its amendments, as well as the Bill of Rights and independent decoration.
We say you are equal and should be treated like this.
This is the moment we must fight for these ideals.
This is a battle from desire.
We know that we have not fully realized these ideals yet, but the strength of who we are is that we always strive to achieve them, and that struggle will not make sense or be strong unless everyone is involved.
Including you and all your friends and all of us in our country because we are all together.
I think this is what we know now.
It\'s time for us to look in the mirror and ask questions.
The question is, who are we?
Part of the answer to this question is that we are better than that.
Woman: Yes.
So let\'s fight for it.
So let\'s fight for it.
Let us fight for it, let us know that it is a battle born from optimism.
This is especially important for you and your friends and those who are 18 years old, should they participate in the vote?
Look, it\'s a fight, and it\'s because you know what you can get rid.
I can\'t think of a group of people who are better able to know what is possible than our young voters.
So I\'m glad you\'re here.
O\'Donnell: We have one last question.
Hi, Senator Harris. HARRIS: Hi.
My name is Judi CIG (ph).
My question is in the field of two Democratic candidates, first, why can you beat Donald Trump?
Second, when you are nominated, do you think askingRachel Maddow is your running mate?
Harris: She\'s amazing, and I always like the way she and Lawrence have the baton, you know, one by one.
Brian was really waiting for me to pick up the baton.
Harris: So I will tell you that I will try to shorten it.
This is the first question I will answer.
I believe we will take this stage in the general election.
Someone who has the ability to know how to fight and win the battle, I have had this experience.
I got everything from the big oil pharmaceutical company.
I \'ve been in big banks around the foreclosure crisis, and I \'ve brought back $20 billion to homeowners in California.
On almost any issue you can discuss with me, I have a record of the actual work.
I think we\'re going to win someone on that stage that\'s not just a good speech.
The second part is that we will win at that stage a person who has demonstrated the ability to know how to successfully bring a lawsuit against the policies of this government.
I know what to do.
We will win.
We will win.
O\'Donnell: it\'s going to be our last word tonight in the town of Spartanburg.
Thank you, Spartanburg.
Thank you very much, Senator Harris.
Really grateful. Thank you.
Harris: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
MSNBC host Brian Williams: There\'s another start to American foreign policy tonight.
The president of the United States attacked the former vice president overseas and stood with the dictator before wishing the troops a Happy Memorial Day.
Also tonight, Republican lawmakers calling for impeachment spoke on the 40 th. ph)
At the town hall meeting in Michigan\'s congressional district, Congress has a responsibility to put the president under supervision.
Tonight, 2020 candidates, including Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, rarely stopped in the campaign.
The \"11 hours\" on Tuesday night is now starting.
We were one night late again at NBC News headquarters in New York.
It was 859 days for the Trump administration.
The president spent the Memorial Day weekend in Japan.
The visit is intended to pay tribute to our allies.
While there, he was honored at the ceremony to meet the new emperor.
He competed in sumo wrestling.
He also played golf in the United States and played golf. S.
Diplomatic relations we know.
There has been a recent controversy on Twitter, and we quote \"North Korea has launched small arms that have interfered with some of my people and others, but I don\'t.
I\'m sure President Kim will keep his promise to me, and he will smile when he calls swamp Joe Biden low I. Q.
Personal and worse
Maybe that\'s the signal.
So, at that moment, the president managed to criticize a former president. S.
While the vice president was abroad, he kept a distance from his national security adviser, John Bolton, and the Japanese prime minister, who took North Korea\'s missile launch very seriously.
Then, when there was a chance at the press conference, the president went further. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified men: Do you think they have violated US law? N.
Resolution on short-range missile launch? DONALD TRUMP, (R)
President of the United States: As you know, my people think it could be a violation.
I have different opinions.
I think it\'s aman.
Maybe he wants to get people\'s attention, maybe not. Who knows?
It\'s okay.
All I know is that there has been no nuclear test.
No ballistic missiles were launched.
It\'s not long.
The range missile was launched.
I think we will come to an agreement one day. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Williams: later when Trump was asked about tensions between the United States and the United StatesS.
Andy Lan parted ways with his third national security adviser. (
Start Video Editing)
Trump: It has the opportunity to be a great country with the same leadership.
We\'re not looking for regime change.
I just want to make it clear.
We\'re not looking for nuclear weapons. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Williams: It\'s a change for Bolton, who served in several Republican governments.
He has long advocated regime change in Iran.
New York Times reporter Peter Baker and MaggieHaberman reported for US on Trump\'s public report in Bolton, \"in the process of long-term confrontation with both sides, raised questions about government policies and personnel.
An opponent of the United States.
As we mentioned, the president seems to have accepted the dictatorship of North Korea.
Un insult to former Vice President Joe Biden
The president was asked to explain this further. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: will you stop and stand with a cruel dictator, not with a fellow American, former Vice President Joe Biden?
TRUMP: Well, Kim Jong Un
The United Nations said in a statement that Biden was a low I. Q. individual.
He\'s probably based on his record.
I think I agree with him. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Williams: It\'s not very good for some members of the president\'s own party, although most people lack the courage to speak.
New York Republican Congressman Peter King wrote, \"Trump is wrong in Japan to criticize Biden and agree with KIM JONG-UN --un.
Politics stops by the water.
Never stand by the cruel dictatorship and fellow Americans.
Biden\'s campaign waited until Trump returned home to make the statement, which we quoted as saying, \"the president\'s comments are below the dignity of the office.
Memorial Day is in a foreign country, and it is self-evident to have a serious conversation with a murdered dictator of fellow Americans and former vice presidents.
It\'s part of a model that embraces a dictator at the expense of our institutions, whether in Helsinki to understand Putin\'s words with superficial value, or to exchange love letters with the Golden Bell --un.
Shortly after that, Trump fought back. We quote again.
\"When I was in a foreign country, I was actually standing up for Sleepy Joe Biden. Kim Jong-
The United Nations called him low. Q.
Idiots and many other things, and I refer to President Kim\'s words as a softer low I. Q.
Someone who might be upset about it?
With this reminder, our president will travel to the United States. K.
Monday and Friday
Then on June 28, he will return to Japan for G-
Including talks with Russian Putin and Chinese Xi Jinping.
On Tuesday night, discuss with us the return to work, the above-mentioned New York Times White House chief reporter Peter Baker, Su Mi Terry, senior fellow of the chair of the Korea Center for Strategic and International Studies, it is important that he is a former senior analyst at CIN.
She was in charge of the area during her tenure at the White House National Security Council.
Jeremy Marsh, former CIA and Pentagon chief of staff, and former chief adviser to the House Intelligence Committee.
Peter, I ask you at least once a week what has just happened.
Other than this question, does anyone buy shares at John Bolton?
Peter Baker, chief White House correspondent for The New York Times: This is a good question.
I mean, you see, you know, the whole idea that we don\'t know-unfortunately, it may have been a long time since politics stopped by the water.
You know, this is not the first time the president has gone abroad, and he or his people are involved in politics at home.
But it\'s shocking to see him support people like Kim Jong Un.
The United Nations opposes the current vice president, although we certainly know that he does not think the current vice president should be in office.
This is just an unusual thing.
Of course, it also makes you curious about John Bolton.
As you said, John Bolton does believe in a stronger policy against Iran and North Korea than the president\'s history.
He will tell you that if you let him sit down, he will say, whoever is the president, whatever the president\'s policy is, who he will work with, even if it is with himself
But, you know, we heard more complaints from the president about John Bolton.
What you hear is more about private affairs, and now it has spread to the public.
I think it is understandable that there will be some confusion between our allies and our opponents overseas.
What is the policy?
Who is the real person in charge?
Do they need to listen to John Bolton?
Do they need to listen to Mike Pompeii?
Do they need to talk to the president?
I think, as you have pointed out, a lot of people will pay attention to it given these trips to the UK and back to Japan.
Williams: Sue, I read about Ashley Parker in The Washington Post, and at the same time, Abe mentioned the North Korean test with great regret, apparently to maintain his relationship with Trump
Abe also praised the president for starting talks with North Korea, saying Trump broke the shell of distrust with North Korea.
One of the main goals for Japanese officials is to strengthen the U. S. economy. S.
/Japanese relations, Abe is a cautious student that Trump does not understand, that is, he is most likely to influence the president while physically standing by him, among other things.
\"How dangerous is our position now?
Su Mi Terry, a former CIA analyst on North Korea: very dangerous.
President Trump knows that the missile test violated the UN Security Council resolution. He knows that.
UN Security Council resolutions say they not only ban all ballistic missile tests for a long timerange, medium-
ICBM range but short distancerange too. And short-
The missile did threaten Japan.
And for President Trump to contradict Prime Minister Abe and his national security adviser in Japan, oh, these are small tests, it doesn\'t matter, it\'s dangerous, it sent a wrong signal to North Korea because Kim Jong Un
The United Nations needs attention.
That part is correct.
So, by dismissing the issue, Kim Jong Un
The United Nations has no choice but to continue to upgrade, increase pressure and reduce pressure. I predict that he will continue to bear more pressure and more controllable provocation is coming.
I think we should expect something like the media.
The missile test may end in summer.
They will fly over Japan.
So it\'s dangerous.
North Korea continues its nuclear and missile programs.
I don\'t think President Trump\'s remarks helped.
Williams: Jeremy, given her knowledge of the area, this is an exciting prediction that Sue has just made.
Do you have takeout?
Is there any outcome to this party, or what are we talking about here?
Former CIA Chief of Staff Jeremy bassh: Well, Brian, it was a very easy trip for the president.
Almost entirely in honor of the new emperor, this generation has only happened once.
The president did not have a big policy promotion or a big policy promotion, but he succeeded in trying it out.
I mean, he\'s on stage.
\'I don\'t know if these missile tests are made in the United States,\' he said. N.
Violation of Security Council resolutions
I agree with Sue that these are definitely violations.
This shows that the president\'s confusion about North Korea is hopeless.
He\'s desperate to win Kim Jong Un.
The UN will never annoy him in any way, allowing Kim Jong Un
The United Nations may continue to escalate to the point where we have just discussed nuclear tests or ICBM tests.
In fact, we\'re just giving Kim Jong Un
More running space, we don\'t get anything.
Williams: Peter, this is written by your colleague Anne Carney.
Mr. Biden\'s constant criticism of Democrats.
Trump stressed that his unshakable bond is his Twitter megaphone.
His main interest is clear-it is clear that his main interest is not that his hosts have worked so hard to use it for security and trade in Asia, but he is fighting what he thinks is a political enemy.
Who\'s there, Peter?
Who around the president will ask supporters of foreign policy to see if it is implemented and supported?
Yes, this is a good question.
I mean, it would be a big deal if he lost trust in John Bolton and if you know I want to be careful to say that.
It makes you wonder who filled the gap.
So far, of course, Patrick Shanahan has been a low-key figure in the Ministry of Defense.
You know, who is the president on?
His chief of staff, Mick muwani, a former congressman, has no particularly long experience in foreign policy.
You know, it could also be some vague negotiation strategy, right?
Is there a good police bad police situation here, in which case he went out to John Bolton and said, you know, when he, the president, pulled it back a little bit.
Not long ago, he tweeted that it was confusing for everyone.
People are confused about American foreign policy.
He thinks it may be a good thing because he likes unpredictable.
He always said that.
Diplomats, however, do not like predictability.
Diplomats and foreign leaders like certainty and predictability, which they don\'t get in this government.
Is that what I think is the challenge to allies and opponents?
Williams: Sue, back to what you mentioned before, we discussed the relevance of Kim Jong Un before.
The United Nations is eager to reach the world stage.
For example, we have never allowed the United StatesS.
The president will meet with North Korean leaders before the president. TERRY: Right. No.
North Korea has been demanding talks with the United States. S. presidents.
So it\'s not unusual.
They have been asking and seeking to sit down with the president of the United States.
Only President Trump has decided to do so.
Again, I think you can, you know, you can make such an argument that we should try it at the highest level, because the negotiations with North Korea have not been successful in the past 25 years, but you will not rush.
You need to be disciplined and you need to know-you need to have a plan.
I don\'t think we do.
I mean, since the Singapore Declaration, since the first summit, we have nothing left.
We still don\'t-we are completely deadlocked with North Korea.
In fact, as I said, North Korea has been working on their missile program, their nuclear program.
I think they are on a path like this right now and they will put more pressure on them.
We expect more provocation.
You can see their media and understand their language.
How do you think they react to this tonight?
He\'s still quoting Kim Jong Un.
Social media.
Terry: I mean, I don\'t know Kim Jong Un.
That\'s what the United Nations does.
Standing on the side of the tyrant, like him, you know, with low I criticism or calling Vice President Biden. Q.
I mean, this is unprecedented.
But more importantly, I don\'t think it helps tactically because North Korea won\'t pursue a nuclear weapons program just because Trump is pleasing Kim Jong Il or standing on Kim Jong Il\'s side. What Kim Jong-
What the United Nations is looking for now is sanctions relief, maximum sanctions relief, and unless we are ready to do so, they will put more pressure on them.
So I-I have a feeling-we should bargain for more provocation in the future.
Williams: Jeremy Marsh, think about this on the president\'s travel schedule that we mentioned. The U. K.
This is in the middle of a split between the two parties, because the UK is out of the EU, France, as we have recorded, Macron already has his problems, and Putin and Xi are back in Japan again, I \'d love to see what\'s wrong.
I think another question is, What should Americans ask for in these trips?
Well, I think we should ask for consistency.
This deliberately vague idea is a diplomatic strategy that may work in some limited circumstances.
But I think it\'s actually more scary and powerful than that.
I don\'t think the president and his advisers agree at all.
They don\'t agree-a-visRussia.
The president wants to flatter Putin.
John Bolton and everyone else wanted to be tougher.
President Obama wants a moderate approach to Iran, while others want to be tougher.
Now the president wants to give KIM JONG-UN-
The United Nations pass and others want to promote things like regime change.
If you look at John Bolton\'s memo, and after reading the story of Peter Baker on page 313, I \'ve been watching it tonight, john Bolton talked about the need for the North Korean people to stand up and kill their leaders, the only way to achieve a nuclear-free.
Ideologically speaking, this is a completely divided government.
I think this confusion sends a very uncertain and weak message to opponents around the world.
Williams: back to work on Tuesday night, toptel Baker, Sue Mi Terry, Jeremy Bash, and we thank you so much for coming and helping us out.
Without knowing how he will be accepted, Republican lawmakers are pushing for impeachment in front of voters in his conservative Michigan constituency.
We will ask one of his members of the House Supervisory Committee what will happen next.
Later, the destruction of part of the deadly storm system in the Midwest remains a threat to millions of people entering the night.
The latest news of the upcoming destruction.
\"11 hours\" is just beginning this Wednesday evening. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)REP. JUSTIN AMASH, (R)
Michigan: Miller\'s report says all this.
I am sure that if you read Volume 2 you will be shocked by most of the content and I am shocked by that.
That\'s why I took my position, and I would do that, both Democratic and Republican.
It\'s okay for me.
We should expect the president to uphold the law and have the highest standards than anyone else. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Williams: Tonight, Congressman Justin Marsh made his first public comment because he was the first Republican to call on the president to \"preach.
Earlier today, Amash Targeted justice minister William Barr as part of a thread he posted on social media.
To sum up, \"the general prosecutor of bar deliberately misrepresented the key aspects of the Rob Miller report and the investigation decision, which helped the president\'s false statements about the investigation.
\"President Trump has instructed Barr to investigate the origin of the Miller investigation.
Former FBI Director James Comey said in the Washington Post today: \"Go ahead.
Investigate the investigators if necessary.
When these surveys are done, you will find that the work is doing well and only focuses on identifying the truth.
Very serious charges.
No corruption.
No Treason.
Have not tried the coupe.
These are lies and stupid lies.
\"Talking about all of this here, we welcome radio congressman RajaKrishnamoorthi, a Democrat in Illinois who serves on the House intelligence and oversight committee at the same time.
Welcome to Congress.
What is the distance between Amash\'s position and yours? Again, we point out to our audience that he is a Republican and you are a Democrat. REP.
Illinois Supervisory Committee: Yes.
So, first of all, I\'m happy to see people showing independent views on the other side of the aisle.
This is definitely the reason for hope.
On the other hand, especially me, I have not yet been impeached.
I am now staring at the challenge ahead of us, a government that does not believe that it is really responsible to anyone and does not want to work with us on basic oversight tasks.
Having said that, we began to see cracks in the opposition.
With respect to the enforcement of our powers of inquiry, including the summons, we re-begin to see the court on our side.
So there is a reason for these developments.
But we need to move on.
Williams: Let me ask another question about politics.
If the Republicans in the house had a free pass One day, they were assured that the president would not say tough things to them on Twitter, and they would not have won primary elections at home, how many people do you think will come to the other side?
How many of them do you think are already in the place where Amash is, but lack the perseverance of public expression?
This is a good question.
I don\'t know the answer.
I know there may be some people who may have similar concerns with Mr. Amash.
Others, on the other hand, have made it public and asked for more documents and materials to conduct their own investigations.
Senator Burr of the Senate Intelligence Committee, for example, actually summoned don junior to come back to testify because his testimony was inconsistent.
Of course, it looks like DonJunior is coming back to testify.
It is interesting to note that on our own House Intelligence Committee, the chairman, Adam Shiff, along with Devin Nunez, requested the Department of Justice to provide documents, counter-intelligence documents that went beyond the initial request.
Of course, there was also a subpoena that was not received.
So we\'re starting to see some Republicans joining this kind of oversight, but I want to see more.
Williams: some of the Democrats watching this evening are undoubtedly frustrated.
Mueller\'s report came out, and one way to look at it was the lack of writers, a dense, hard-to-read document.
Congressman manamash is still asking people to read the report tonight at his town hall.
So the report came out.
Nadler\'s committee and the judiciary dedicated this moment to a bucket of fried chickens in Kentucky at one of their verbal high points.
They were threatened with angry letters and contempt.
Everything seems to be in trouble now.
How can you, on behalf of the two committees you serve, assure the people watching the game that the wheels will start turning?
K: I will point out two court decisions that happened last week within three days of each other.
From the Supervisory Committee\'s point of view, we ask that the Mazars accounting firm, which is the president\'s accounting firm, provide financial records.
Of course, the president then stepped in and filed a lawsuit to prevent the accounting firm from making documents based on our summons.
They did so in order to delay the process, perhaps to exhaust clockeven in the 2020 elections.
But it is interesting that in this case, the court expedited the procedure and actually made an opinion last Monday, indicating that we are entitled to this information.
Two days later, in the Southern District of New York, the Federal District Court also executed our summons on Deutsche Bank, presenting financial documents that may indicate money laundering with Russians.
These are unexpected, Brian.
A lot of people think that we will never get these files and it looks like they are right in front of us now.
I think that\'s why the Department of Justice produced some documents to the chairman\'s committee of Adam Shiff-the anti-intelligence committee.
So perhaps Republicans should reconsider their strategy of delay and obstruction.
Williams: from the great city of Chicago, Congressman Krishna Mosley, thank you so much for broadcasting with us on Tuesday night.
We appreciate your presence.
Thank you, Brian.
Williams: this is already a big problem for us in the 2020 campaign.
Just tonight, a Democratic candidate came up with a new proposal on abortion and we\'ll talk about it when we get back. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)SEN. KAMALA HARRIS (D-CA)
Presidential candidate: We will fight for women and their right to make decisions about their bodies and counselling, doctors, God, priests and rabbis.
But, you know, when we look at laws like what\'s going on in Alabama, they\'re going to say that they\'re going to judge a doctor for 99 years?
As a prosecutor, let me tell you that I have a real problem with this.
I do have this problem. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Williams: last hour, at MSNBC City Hall, presidential candidate Kamala Harris also put forward a proposal for the state to approve changes to future abortion laws. (
Start Video Editing)
Harris: After being elected, I will put it in place and ask those countries that have a history of legislation designed to prevent or restrict women\'s access to reproductive health care that must be submitted to my Ministry of Justice for review and approval.
They will not enter into force until we determine that they are in compliance with the Constitution.
Lawrence O\'Donnell, msnbc anchor: It sounds like the US Senate needs 60 votes.
Do you know?
Everything we need to do needs 60 votes in the US Senate.
That\'s why I would say that 2020 is about the White House and about the US Senate. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Williams: all of this is because the Supreme Court supports a law in Indiana that requires abortion providers to bury or cremate the remains of the fetus, but the court makes the decision of the lower court invalidate a measure, the measure will prevent women from having abortions due to sex, race or genetic diseases of the fetus.
Talk about this and more here.
We welcome to our radio, Beth Fouhy, a veteran of the campaign, especially the veterans of the Associated Press.
She\'s a senior political editor at NBC News, Laura Barron-
Lopez, national political journalist at Politico, is back.
You two are welcome.
Beth, just to end our conversation with the congressman.
For those who are waiting for the Nadler committee, they may be frustrated with pacepost
Is this a question that Democrats are waiting for, Miller reports?
Beth fouhy, senior political editor at NBC News: Well, the issue that Democrats are waiting for is something that motivates women, and of course, that\'s what we\'re seeing, you know, the current crisis, that\'s what you can say in court.
Of course we are on the Democratic side. women are the core and soul of the Democratic Party.
The number of women was high in 2018.
Many of them have voted for Republicans in the past.
White female, suburban female, university-
Educated people vote for the Democratic Party.
That\'s what the Democrats are saying this time, is to get women who might vote for the Republican party back.
Republicans who are different from Donald Trump, but for various reasons, this will be motivated to vote for Democrats, and of course reproductive health is one of them.
Williams: How do you think Kamala Harris is doing tonight?
Kamala Harris is very strong.
This is a good question for her as it is the theory of Kamala Harris in this large field.
As a woman and a woman of color, she will reach out and attract those women of color who will become the backbone of this Democratic voter and may choose to be nominated.
She and her people feel that she is unique.
So when such a problem arises, she captures it effectively, which is very important to her case theory.
Williams: Laura, you have the same question about this issue as the show we witnessed tonight. LAURA BARRON-
National Political Reporter Lopez: Yes.
Well, Harris will certainly do well on abortion.
Since the passage of truly restrictive abortion laws in Alabama and other Southern states, some Democrats have tried to have that right.
One thing to note about the plan she announced tonight is that it was made under the Voting Rights Act.
So again this has to do with the drama she is trying to talk to women of ethnic minorities and color.
She wants her to be different from people like Biden, who is more about promoting a return to tonormalcy and trying to focus on rural white voters.
Williams: Beth, let\'s talk about the rest of the stadium.
First of all, if you\'re Joe Biden and you\'re 35 and 37 in the polls, then it\'s hip to say he doesn\'t have any events inside the news group right now.
He got lost on a road.
We saw him on the road today.
Why not save money by staying in Delaware?
Because in fact, in opinion polls, it will make you range from 35 to 37.
FOUHY: Well, he is not only saving money, but also making money. Williams: Yes.
He went out to raise money.
Just a month ago, when he played in the game, he basically started from scratch.
So he has to catch up very, very quickly with some of the big nominees like Bernie Sanders.
But the other thing is obviously that he\'s going to stay away from the campaign because we know it\'s easy for him to make a fool of himself. WILLIAMS: Yes.
Fuxi: what Democratic voters want to do now is defeat Trump.
They don\'t really care who the candidate is.
They just want to know that the person they nominate is the candidate who can do that.
Now voters seem to believe that he is the man.
He did not want to leave an inevitable election impression on people.
If he says something disrespectful in the campaign, the very old Joe Biden, the inevitable electoral veil will disappear right away, and other areas will appear.
So Biden might be smart to leave for a while.
He can\'t leave for a long time.
Iowa\'s polls show that he is closer to the national polls in Iowa.
If he wants to win, he has to go there and run for it.
This is what I\'m talking about, Laura.
This is the Washington Post report on Biden\'s campaign schedule.
\"Biden has held 11 public events since he ran four weeks ago.
In the same period, the number of Beto O\'Rourke was almost four times that number.
Kirsten Gillibrand, who is behind in the polls, plans to end inIowa at 11 stops during the holiday weekend.
Since Biden\'s run, Elizabeth Warren has shown her face to the public in 27 games around the week.
CoryBooker has scheduled at least 27 events at the same time, and Bernie Sanders has announced at least 17.
\"Most of the candidates I mentioned just now, Laura, are single digits. BARRON-LOPEZ: Right.
Williams: So you know why Biden\'s strategy so far has at least not hurt Biden. BARRON-LOPEZ: Exactly.
If you\'re Joe Biden, you don\'t need to run outside so early.
You already have a lot of name recognition that other candidates are trying to get.
So if you are betoo \'Rourke or if you are Kirsten Gillibrand then you need to go to these events as you try to get to know who you are not necessarily
Biden has been the former vice president and senator of the United States for decades, so the candidates have had to hold many events for weeks in a row.
The question is if any of them can catch up with him.
We have seen that Warren has started to rise in recent polls, and it is noteworthy whether she can continue.
Williams: At least so far, Donald Trump certainly believes he\'s competing with Joe Biden.
Beth and Laura both agreed to stay with us.
We have to take a break here.
Next, Democrats are looking for a new way to try to upset the president.
We can talk about this when we get back. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)Pete butigeg (D)
Presidential candidate: I\'m not in Vietnam, but I know the president created a fake account about disability with a very wealthy identity, a very privileged person so he doesn\'t have to serve. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Williams: 2020 Democratic presidential candidates serving in the military will criticize President Trump and his medical extension during the Vietnam War.
The mayor of Pitt served as an intelligence officer in Afghanistan.
Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Seth Morton, a Marine Corps captain, told us on Sunday about his own card West Hunter. (
Start Video Editing)
MSNBC host Kathy Hunt: Do you think Donald Trump is a patriotic person? REP. SETH MOULTON (D-MA)
Presidential candidate: No.
I don\'t think it\'s patriotic to lie and serve the country.
Don\'t forget, you know, when Donald Trump did it, he did it many times, it\'s not like Vietnam has empty seats.
You know, someone has to replace him.
One day I want to go to the place where Donald Trump goes to Vietnam to meet this American hero.
I hope he\'s alive. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Williams: Robert Costa of The Washington Post pointed out tonight that Trump\'s \"long-standing defense of his extension is legitimate.
More broadly, he portrayed himself as a military friend who vigorously promoted the building of the armed forces, praising military leaders, reaching out to veterans and promising to avoid a war that went astray.
But questioning the 1969 diagnostic heel bone spurs is a challenge for the commander --in-
He appointed a general to his cabinet and asked the Pentagon to plan a parade to celebrate the army.
This could test whether the presidential political union, including many military families, will be broken.
This is an interesting question for our guests Beth Fouhy and Laura BarronLopez.
Beth, look at it.
Do you think this is a way for Donald Trump to do anything but anyone else in uniform?
FOUHY: Well, I think we \'ve learned in the last four years that Donald Trump has marketed a lot of his stuff, showing his identity as a candidate, and it turns out, the story of Donald Trump is not true.
This is one of the many things we learned in the 2016 campaign, it\'s just baked into the cake.
Strangely, there is not really so much in the Republican primary.
Normally, the Republican side, you know, is more of a support.
The military tends to discuss these issues more thoroughly.
When he was in the big field of 17 candidates, the situation did not really improve.
Brian, it\'s funny because the whole question about someone leaving Vietnam should be over when the baby is born
The baby boomers run-Williams: Yes.
Rich:-Post-90 s president, Bill Clinton, George W.
These are their core issues, Bush.
We have taken this step with Barack Obama.
Now, it\'s very interesting to bring it back to Donald Trump, especially the young military veteran Pete butigeg or Seth Morton from Iowa.
They are the people who brought it back, although they are talking about the new areas of governance that are entered by the younger generation.
Robert Costa\'s point of view is correct.
If it points out a major mistake (ph)
In the story of President Trump, it may offend some military members who are not worth it.
Laura, I think that\'s your problem.
Is it attractive here, and if so, to whom, how much? BARRON-LOPEZ: Right.
Candidates like Seth Morton think there is a lot of attraction here.
At first he said he wanted to be a foreign policy candidate, and if that was a way for him to do so, then we can expect him, and maybe butigeg will really catch it.
You know, Morton also announced today in this disaster that he has been dealing with post-traumatic trauma since he served, he also announced a number of military or plans to expand access to health care for veterans and soldiers.
So this is something that some Democrats think they can really go to Trump.
Still, people like Biden may not be on this path because he himself has received an extension.
Williams: Beth, this question is more interesting for me.
Take a PeteButtigieg for example, he has a lot of things, including but not limited to the mayor of the middle city, Rhodes, and a veteran.
Did he post a unique question for Donald Trump?
Will Trump know how to deal with this guy?
Will this be difficult for him? FOUHY: Right.
There is also an interesting data point-Williams: Yes.
Rich:-in our knowledge of Peter butigeg.
The answer is yes.
But before he and Donald Trump got on stage, there was a lot of work to be done by Pete butigeg.
We can hardly see much evidence of his support in Africa. American votersWilliams: Yes.
Rich: even if he is the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, he is a city with a large population of black people.
When Peter butigeg announced that he would run for president, you don\'t see a lot of black faces in the audience.
So here, if he even wants to get close to winning the nomination and fighting Donald Trump, he needs to strengthen and improve his performance in that community.
Williams: Laura, did you share it in our current news report, this is the senior women in this competition, the women who voted very well, because I don\'t think Biden\'s dynamic got the media attention they deserve? BARRON-
Lopez: I think Biden\'s dynamic has something to do with that.
This is a lack of name recognition.
I think there\'s some frustration with Harris, Warren, and even the bookers camp, because their story already knows that they don\'t get started with the right treatment as they did with boutigeg or Beto o\'lock.
But we see that people like Warren and Harris have not changed their strategy.
They hope that by sticking to their game plans, they can show up over the cycle.
Guys, let\'s do it again, we thank you for joining us on Tuesday night, thanks Beth Fouhy and Laura Barron-Lopez. Thank youboth.
For us, experts say that after two weeks of extreme weather, we are entering the unknown, and it is not until the end of the broadcast.
The story when we came back. (
Business break)(
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified woman: This thing is at least a mile or three quarters if it is not close to a mile wide.
There is no house at all, no house at all.
Man: This is EF. 4. This is EF-4.
Woman: Yes.
As Jerry said just now, this is probably EF-4 damage, guys. This is bad.
It\'s really bad. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Williams: It\'s tonight, Lynwood, Kansas.
Before we leave, it reminds us of the last thing.
As a way to express how wild and violent the weather in our country has been in the last 24 hours.
Tonight, Newark, New Jersey, was hit by a tornado alert, not a tornado alert, but a tornado alert because atornado was found in the air.
This is news, because how rare it is.
Tornadoes Move along the most densely populated corridors of the most densely populated states in the United States.
There is also news tonight, as we can see from our country\'s famous astornado alley, where the big things are equally frightening, but even less rare.
Tonight, a huge tornado hit Lawrence County, Missouri.
It stayed on the ground for almost an hour and left a serious injury.
The light during the day will show more.
The Midwest experienced 13 consecutive days of tornadoes.
Due to the dominant air quality, more people are expected in the coming days.
The biggest news last night was a tornado near Dayton before midnight on Monday.
According to the National Weather Service, this is a level 5, Level 3 weather, driving 140 miles an hour.
At least one person in Ohio has been killed, and it\'s a shame for those who have experienced this. (
Start Video Editing)
Unknown FEAMEL: The walls are shaking like an earthquake, deafening, and the pressure in those little bathrooms is-I can\'t-not described.
This used to be my garage.
That\'s my neighbor, shed.
I think it sounds worse than a car accident.
If you are in the car, the sound of the car will collide and there is nothing you can do for it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
WILLIAMS: There is also a saying that more than 500 tornadoes have been reported in the past month alone, 50 of which have only been in the past two days.
So this is our broadcast on Tuesday night as our holiday was delayed for a new week.
Thank you so much for being with us.
Good night from our NBC News headquarters in New York.
This is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not have the final form and may be updated.
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All materials here are protected by US copyright law and may not be copied, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of ASC Services II Media, LLC.
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