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golden rock workshop functioning with obsolete machines: unions | trichy news - times of india

by:QY Precision      2019-11-02
Trish: there were as many as 4,500 employees working on a job at the railway workshop in Kingstone on Friday. to-
The rule strike accused the government of forcing employees to use outdated machines. The century-
The old workshop of the Southern Railway handles locomotive maintenance, truck production and several other work related to the train, and thousands of employees are loyal to the Southern Railway mazumen Union (SRMU)
Protest against the boycott of work in the premises.
Protesters also claimed that several high
Since the end machinery is not properly utilized, they are idle in the workshop.
The assistant secretary-general of srmu s Veerasekaran listed five highs
Terminal machinery-
CNC machine imported from Germany, spring coil testing machine, pencil cutting machine and Kekkyzon machine
Working in the workshop for a few years, either failed or not used.
Machines that have been working for 25 years should be discarded.
Sadly, this machine accounts for 65% of the total number of machines in the Jinyan workshop.
Although we have raised this issue with the government several times, they have not responded to it.
He says employees are working on outdated machines and completing the work they assign.
Veerasekaran also said that no one knows how to operate the Kekkyzon machine.
There is no operating manual or trained manpower to handle the machine.
He said that although the CNC machine worth Rs 38 was installed two or three years ago, it was neither repaired nor replaced.
Veerasekaran also claimed that the railway bureau insisted on using spare parts removed from the old train for repair.
SRMU also expressed concern about the safety of passengers on trains using obsolete machinery maintenance workshops.
In response to their protests, senior officials in the workshop held talks with them, and then the staff returned to work on the condition that they needed a specific response to Saturday\'s request.
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