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Go to Southeast Asia to build a factory and make CNC machining customization

by:QY Precision      2020-02-11
The CNC machining customization of Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers includes the research, development, production and sales of CNC sheet metal machining, CNC stainless steel machining, CNC aluminum product machining and CNC copper product machining, it has carried out international mergers and acquisitions of CNC precision machining, promoted the exchange and mutual benefit of hardware parts processing business in various countries, and also responded positively to the country's 'The Belt and Road Initiative' strategy from one side. A number of CNC lathe processing enterprises represented by Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers went to Southeast Asia to invest and set up factories last year, which is also highly related to Sino-US trade friction in 2018. A large number of orders from these precision mechanical parts processing companies come from the United States, and entering the trade control list means adding or more taxes, except that CNC machining customization is affected by the trade war, the anti-dumping policy for CNC precision mechanical parts processing in the United States is also a sword hanging over these hardware parts processing enterprises. Relevant CNC lathe processing experts pointed out that according to the US trade policy, many countries in Southeast Asia are recognized as market economy countries. Many hardware parts processing products operated by Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers were once listed in the sanctions list caused by the Sino-US trade war. For such Chinese CNC machining manufacturers, going to Southeast Asia to build a hardware parts processing factory to bypass trade barriers has become the most preferred. Last year, precision mechanical parts processing enterprises organized groups to investigate in Southeast Asia. Overall, investing in CNC machining custom factories in Southeast Asian countries has their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, Cambodia is the country with the lowest labor and land costs, but Cambodia has certain political risks for hardware parts processors; Vietnam is the country with the most complete CNC machining supply chain, but because too many Chinese CNC lathe processing enterprises go to Vietnam, hardware parts processing is most likely to be subjected to a new round of anti-dumping by the United States.
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