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gim to boost coimbatore industries

by:QY Precision      2019-09-17
After a recent global investor meeting in Chennai, the industry here hopes the government will introduce some measures to make it easier for them to do business. .
The single window system for cleaning up, infrastructure investment and development of the state\'s industrial corridor is also expected to benefit the industry in Coimbatore.
General manager of District Industrial Center
Even now, the DIC is helping applicants get the required approvals and benefit from government plans, Asokan said.
It will now track and assist those who sign the MoU (MoU)with the DIC.
It also looks forward to instructions from the government on other steps needed to promote investment in these units.
Coimbatore is the center of work for foundry, manufacturing unit and machine workshop.
Therefore, the chairman of the Coimbatore Regional Small Business Association said that even with significant investments in other parts of the state, the industry here will have the opportunity to provide ancillary services and workK. Ponnuswamy.
Industrial Corridor (Bangalore-
Chennai and madulaiThoothukudi)
The western region should develop infrastructure such as air connectivity and roads in order to make major investments here.
About the textile sector, almost Rs.
It is expected that the state will have 5,000 crore investments in the next two years, which will be mainly used for value-added.
The South India factory Association signed two agreements at the investor meeting-one is to develop a textile processing plant in kudarol and the other is to develop a processing plant in the Ramanathapuram area.
Several textile units have already started investing and they will finish their project soon. A. V.
Valad halayan, general manager of the cordicia Industrial Park, said.
From Rs 2500 to RS.
Two parks are expected to be developed here, with an investment of 3000 crore.
CODISSIA signed a memorandum of understanding with the government for these parks, which will have about 380 units.
\"These are new investments that will create more jobs,\" he said . \"J.
James, president of Tamilnadu Cottage and micro-enterprise association, said Coimbatore needed investment from some large businesses
Scale industry.
\"When investing in other parts of the state, these industries can be outsourced from cities such as Ahmedabad or Rajkot.
\"It is only when investing in Coimbatore that micro-devices can get more orders,\" he said . \".
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