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Ghost Gunner: Legal DIY gun machine sells out in the US

by:QY Precision      2019-09-22
In the United States, machines that make untraceable but legitimate \"ghost guns\" are sold out.
A Texas-based liberal group released a product called \"Ghost Gunners\" on Wednesday --
A year later, they created a 3D printing gun that can be downloaded online, causing a global shock wave.
The Ghost Gunner consists of a milling machine connected to a PC for creating AR-
Rifle, the gun used to kill 26 people during the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in 2012.
The receiver is part of the gun that connects stock, barrel, magazine and other components that can be easily purchased online
It is therefore highly regulated.
In order to legally create a ghost gunman, the defense was made by using legal loopholes.
While it is illegal to sell an untraceable lower receiver, it is illegal to make one. The simple-to-
Using a machine means that the user does not need experience or expertise to produce weapons.
More importantly, this approach means that the guns do not have serial numbers that are used to track the weapons, and that all commercial manufacturers require them legally. The non-
The profit organization intends to sell 110 of the $1,200 worth of equipment (£750)
Before the order was stopped, more than 200 vehicles had been sold.
On Thursday, the group said on Twitter that a group of its ghost gunmen had sold out within 24 hours, but assured customers that it would start selling the machines again in January.
The organization has clearly positioned itself as-
The government, the liberal activist group, aims to use the freedom provided by the Internet to protect the civil and human rights of Americans.
The Ministry of Defense posted a video on YouTube that, by stitching together videos of an official in California, ridiculed the phantom gunman and warned the public not to make
News reports reported the dangers of the machine, as well as the lens in which the milling machine is running.
The group explained on its website that its objectives were: \"defend the rights of human and citizens to own and carry weapons guaranteed by the United States Constitution and confirmed by the United States Supreme Court\" and \"cooperate in the production, publication, free distribution of information related to digital manufacturing of weapons to the public and knowledge.
Cody Wilson of Distributed told Wired: \"People want the comfort of combat rifles and replicability, as well as the privacy section.
\"It\'s about the power to humiliate you.
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