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German CNC lathe processing, no price war

by:QY Precision      2020-02-05
China's CNC precision machining industry has entered the market saturation stage, and the competition is fierce. The price war of CNC lathe machining is commonplace. Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers are large and small, and small precision mechanical parts processing factories always like to attract customers with low-cost services. The low price corresponds to the low-end service, and of course it is difficult to obtain long-term customers of CNC precision machining. For a long time, CNC lathe processing companies have complained that the precision mechanical parts processing business has become more and more difficult in recent years, and it is deeply immersed in the quagmire of price wars. If we look at Germany's precision mechanical parts processing industry, you will accidentally find that German products do not fight price wars and do not compete with their peers. First, because of industry protection, and second, because price does not determine everything. A price war may put the entire precision mechanical parts processing industry into a vicious circle. In fact, our Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers have already tasted the pain of this vicious circle, which is not only not conducive to obtaining long-term customers, but also to the long-term development of hardware parts processing itself, many CNC precision machining enterprises can only withdraw from the market. There is a wine workshop in Germany for nearly 400 years. Fortunately, it was not blown up by American planes during World War II. Ma Pai tire company, established in 1871, now has its branches in many cities in China. Adidas was founded in 1920 and has a history of more than 94 years. As you can see, such enterprises in Germany are old, while many hardware parts processing enterprises in China can't last for 10 years! German hardware parts processing enterprises are also pursuing profit, but as long as they have basic profits and money to earn, they are not insatiable, but should consider longer-term and sustainable development. Therefore, Germany's hardware parts processing would rather 'turn some profits into higher quality products and better services while ensuring basic profits' to win more customers for them.
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