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gene haas didn\'t need stewart\'s permission to do deal with kurt busch

by:QY Precision      2019-09-12
-Tony Stewart may be the leader of his team,
Owner Jean Haas is still a big player.
Haas made it very clear on Tuesday that he will take full responsibility for hiring 2004 NASCAR champion Kurt Busch as Stewart
Number four in Haas Racing
Haas proposed to Busch while Stewart was out with a broken leg.
Stewart learned about his plan and urged Haas to slow down, but Haas said he overturned Stewart\'s order and made a proposal to Busch.
Busch accepted more than one
Join the annual deal for SHRS, the scale will increase from double
Two years ago, there were only four cars in 2014.
Haas will pay for Busch\'s team from the pocket behind Haas Automation, his CNC Machine Company.
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