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Gear preloading for precision machining of mechanical parts

by:QY Precision      2020-01-11
At present, the gear preloading commonly used by CNC precision machining manufacturers is to use the small gear and the rack to contact, and the two large gears are superimposed together as the torque wheel of the output power to mesh with the small gear. In the process of machining precision mechanical parts, the purpose of separating the two drive wheels is to make the preloaded force not add to the drive wheel where the rack is engaged, but pass through the two drive wheels respectively, the preloaded force is indirectly loaded on the tooth of the rack so that the reverse tooth surface of the transmission wheel and the reverse tooth surface of the rack are tightly attached, thus, the reverse clearance of the transmission part in CNC machining customization can be basically eliminated. Figure 1- As shown in the 13th, the motor shaft outputs torque to the drive shaft. There are two drive wheels on the drive shaft, which respectively drive two working wheels and rack meshing, one of which is set on the axis of the other drive wheel, this drive wheel is directly operated by the output shaft of the main shaft, while the action of the lower drive wheel depends on the upper preload device and the upper drive wheel to keep in sync. In this way, during the machining of precision mechanical parts, both meshing wheels can be directly pressed on the rack by the preloaded device.
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