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from tulsi gabbard to tucker carlson: russian stooges ranked!

by:QY Precision      2019-10-17
Who Floppy-
Fox News host.
On last April, when he questioned whether the Syrian government had actually used chemical weapons against the Duma rebels, he said, \"we should be skeptical about this, starting with the gas attack itself.
\"He has at least a part since then. vindicated. Busted!
\"Maybe Carson and people like him are trying to accept Moscow\'s idea of considering America\'s best interests in the president\'s imagination.
Why is the American view on the surface patriotic
If it weren\'t for the sake of advancing a particular political agenda and the manufacturer spreading Russian propaganda, it would only raise one question: who is really responsible here \", Noah Rosman in a title called\" Russia\"
Perseverance: 4/10 independent puppets, no exception.
A deeper level is needed. Who Ice-
Bolshevik Leon Trotsky, who has been dead for 79 years, or, rather, the Russians --
About his show, you can now see it on Netflix.
Get its GRU stripes by allowing a series of mini plays . . . . . . These mini-dramas show that not all coups have ended well or no bloodshed. Busted!
\"Trotsky\" is undoubtedly consistent with the world view of the Kremlin.
The show is against contemporary Russia.
Global revolutionary ideologyRT is not CNN.
The 2016 Facebook fans from Internet research institutions are not ordinary social media content.
Trotsky is not just another Netflix show.
The audience should know what they are watching.
Netflix should carefully consider whether it wants to do business with Russia\'s propaganda channels, whether indirectly, \"the Washington Post said in an article entitled\" You may have a carnival --
Watching Russian propaganda online
Perseverance: 3/10 play long games.
Maybe it\'s a game that\'s been dead for a long time.
John Bolton, Donald Trump\'s national security adviser
I didn\'t expect to see him here. did you win his GRU stripe . . . . . . As a typical Cold War hawk during the Reagan administration, he devoted his life to fighting communism around the world and just kicked the United States out of the China Guide treaty, which shocked Russia.
Wait a minute. this is meaningless. Busted!
According to House Democrats, Bolton \"works directly with a Russian citizen who is now charged by federal prosecutors for infiltration [1]the NRA]
Has been monitoring the United States for years \"-Maria boutina, he appeared to have shared a table with him at a gun rights conference-these \"shocking and unprecedented\" revelations could cost him the qualification to participate in state-secrets matters. Stooginess: -1917/10.
Former Iraqi vet became Samoan.
A woman member of the US Hawaii Congress became an external candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.
Won her GRU stripes . . . . . . Or no.
According to data collected by a centrist Democratic Technology Agency, Gabbard was designated by NBC as the preferred 2020 candidate in Moscow, which was previously found to have made fake Russian trolls.
She did, however, meet Bashar AL-ASSADto-face. Busted!
\"Several experts who follow the Kremlin-related websites and social media have also seen what they think may be the first start of Russia\'s upcoming campaign to support Gabbard, the article from NBC \"the propaganda machine in Russia found 2020 Democratic candidate Tulsi gabbard \".
All of her flights traveled through Damascus to Moscow, 2/10 kilometers.
She also supported Bernie Sanders, so got some of his points. Who Putin-loving, orange-faced, fake-
Hair, racial discrimination, gender discrimination, illiteracy, water
Sipping, overweight, crazy, bankrupt, tenant-evicting… (
For half an hour).
Won his GRU stripes . . . . . . When he went to Russia to host the Miss Universe big match, or when he agreed to build the Trump Tower, he never agreed to build the tower because he was spies in a water sport, the hotel room is definitely more than a homemade-
Make up the story, or when Putin met at the G20 summit and cheated him into a big pot of boiling oil, he did not devour Putin, and he even remembered when these things started, even though the Miller report is about to be released, we will soon know and will never talk about it again, right!
Enter \"Trump\'s\" Russian puppet \"at Google and get 21,300 results and pick them yourself.
Perseverance: 10-10
Look, he doesn\'t even know how to calculate it-handed, burger-
Gobbling up on Twitter
Execution time-rantabusing… (please stop. )
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