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four steps to meeting women at the gym

by:QY Precision      2019-08-23
I was in a local gym the other day too --
This exercise is not common when I find a little fox making you forget the weight you just dialed into the machine.
I reflect on how the gym represents a \"so --near-yet-so-
It\'s important when meeting women, because they may be there, covered with sexy sweat, and the environment never seems to be as good for meeting and flirting as it is in a nightclub.
People have different mentality in the gym, often playing a variety of non-
The signal of verbal \"Far Away\" is only the most daring to challenge.
However, after some experiments and intense thinking, I think I may have found some nuggets hidden in this obvious wasteland, for example: 1)
If they\'re locked
In their own little I-
The Pod universe, in terms of direct methods, is likely to be out of reach. I-
So far, pods and portable radios are the biggest social barrier in the gym.
How do you break through these chicks that are encapsulated in their own small voice world and apparently try to lock the rest of us out?
You can try to say something smart to them, and if they see your lips moving, they usually tear off the headphones and ask \"what ? \"?
\"But the annoyance that they have to do so is obvious, and this direct negative gesture is not easy to overcome.
About the only non
The intrusive thing you can do is to make as strong eye contact with them as possible and smile at them quickly without saying anything (
She can\'t hear it anyway).
If you get a good return from her, then you may have a play, but I usually store these and wait for a similar positive reading next time instead of reading it immediately.
Again, I think patience is needed here because women seem to be easily delayed by trespassing into their mental exercise zones ---
So you have to put these barriers through first in order to set them up for future possible actions.
If you can make such a good eye contact reaction in future encounters, then stop. and-
The chat can be normal and will certainly look less offensive as the girl gives you some reason to have a meeting with her.
Women know exactly how to relax with eye contact
So learn how to follow their signals.
And this is laid-
The action of \"ticking\" may be a bit too much.
Some of you are more impatient, if you want to protect your self and operate as \"unembarrassed\" as possible, then observing these subtle signals is the best way to improve your chances of not being blown away in public. 2)
Install one in the room and be ready to leave.
Chances for you and women in the gym are almost always unexpected. . .
A random encounter at a water dispenser or while waiting to board a particular machine, etc.
So, if you really want to do these things, then you need to come up with some custom compliments in advance and be ready for the icebreaker for every woman you may be interested in.
This is the case with each. . .
So keep your radar antenna always out and start paying attention!
For example, if you observe a chick warming up with a carefully crafted floor program that focuses on the ABS, write it down.
Take a closer look at everyday life and discover something unique, such as an action she does, or an extreme number of reps, or something else, and keep that in mind.
Link it to the specific situation of the girl (
Give her some private, lovely names like \"AB-
Work in your own head, Annie)
Form a Psychological Association and file this information into your memory library.
Some of you will be better than others in this regard, what can I say?
Gradually try to do this to every girl who looks worthy of your attention, and slowly build a smart watch catalogue with each girl in your mind. Then. . .
When you finally get a chance to exchange a few words with these lovely people instead of tripping and frustrating trying to say something amazing, you\'ll find some cool and impressive things that have beenand-
Loaded into your skull: \"I saw your floor set up the other day and I was surprised by your AB program.
You showed the results very well. . .
\"You flirt with her casually ,\". .
Is it possible for you to take me throughby-
Show me how it\'s done?
My old program has failed and I need to change itup.
\"So you provide a beautiful personalized compliment there that is relevant to the situation and her ---
And immediately try to inspire her with some real admiration.
Also, in this particular case, your comment makes sense to her ---
Not just some cans.
The first impression of a high-status male is so powerful!
Now that you make a friend, you can participate on the basis of the name (
You remember her name, right? )
You just need to see her in the gym.
If the atmosphere (
Eye contact, smile, she laughs at your stupid jokes, etc. )
Looks good, and then at some point it\'s perfectly reasonable to stand up and upgrade in order to get together outside the gym. . . right?
This is a wise, appropriate, measured and escalating act of aggression. Non-
Aggressive men are out of line with women. Remember that. 3)
Spinning is usually the best thing to go to the gym because it\'s the closest thing to the nightclub --
Like the environment. . .
The light was out, and the dance music thum slammed. The high-
Aerobic spinning adrenaline and other juicy-
There\'s juice in the dancing body. -
You know how crazy women are when they dance!
Of course, the problems caused by the spinning class and aerobic exercise are the same as the club\'s problems with noise and \"action\"
The level of distraction \"makes it difficult to connect with anyone on anything other than a completely superficial level.
But you might have a chance to talk to her in the warm.
Ups or cool down after the course.
Are you ready for a custom compliment? 4)
To break through this problem, we need to try again and again.
Because in this environment, people do not have a real \"mood\", it is difficult to make a real buzz when they first meet.
If any, it may take several encounters to get her to think about you from a romantic perspective-
So you have to calm down.
Please pay attention to her when this is appropriate, but don\'t be blind.
There must be a thin line here.
Remember, when it comes to women, the eyes tell the whole story. . .
When your intuition tells you that you have an interested woman nibbling on your route, it is time that you have to give up reason and take action from these instincts.
These things are not rocket science, they are actually about specific consciousness and some motivation.
Let\'s face it, the gym may never be the ideal environment to meet women, but these simple ideas may give you a better chance to play in a bad environment from time to time
The way to view the whole deal is to welcome any opportunities you can spark in the gym as a supplement to your other social activities ---
It\'s not your saving grace, it\'s not your place to go out and meet women.
As we will discuss in future articles, there are ways and means to make it easier to gain advantage.
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