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follow these top tips to bring happiness into your work life and avoid getting weighed down by stress

by:QY Precision      2019-09-09
You may be filled with the joy of Christmas, but will your holiday happiness extend to your workplace?
Recent research has shown that work stress has a significant impact on most working adults.
In 2014/15, it accounted for all the jobs.
Related Diseases
10 in 2012.
Lost 4 million days due to pressure, the total cost was almost £ 6. 5billion.
But there are ways to relieve stress in the workplace.
In fact, both \"happy\" and \"work\" are possible.
Jennifer Moss is a colleague.
Founder of Plasticity Labs, a research and technology company whose mission is to provide 1 billion people with tools that are more fulfilling to their lives.
Here, she gives her first five tips on how to be happy at work. 1)
Contact your peers: next time you drink tea or snack, find a chance to visit a colleague
Say hello to the worker\'s desk
There is no need to spend more than a few minutes talking, but learn something new about someone every month.
You never know when a quick connection may bring more opportunities for cooperation, or even better, a new friendship. 2)
Habit of thanks: send a \"thank you\" email/tweet or text message to someone who has done well before you turn off your laptop or log off for a day.
It will take only two minutes.
In addition, it provides great improvements to our well-being.
New research shows that when we do something for others, we go through a brain endorph. 3)
Walking Meeting: stand up for the next meeting or walk around.
We often think that our workload is far behind our desks and work, but the opposite is true.
The more we stand up, stretch and move, the more efficient we are.
The study found that creative output increased by an average of 60 when people walked. 4)
Practice gratitude: we all experience success and failure at work, and some days will be harder than others.
While learning and growing from disappointment is essential, recognition of achievement is equally important.
Starting with practical gratitude, the goal is to avoid tangling about the more challenging aspects of work.
In our office in Plasticity we have a huge wall where we post notes of our gratitude and now the wall is full of positive ideas.
This is an excellent reminder to have a good time on those days we really need!
Take a moment every day so that effort becomes a habit. 5)
Your habit: develop the habit of putting yourself first at least once (
Better. more.
But from once)per day.
Take 20 minutes to read something that has no purpose but can bring happiness.
Take five minutes to enjoy your coffee without having to browse the email. Enjoy a 15-
Take a nap or be quiet for lunch.
Start with a little bit of time and get the rest your brain needs to produce, innovate and participate.
Emotional control and good leadership comes with a well rested and productive brain.
Doing so means self. care —
Many of us don\'t think it\'s valuable.
This is the most valuable consideration in my business.
During Christmas, three out of every five employees will be walking on the winter site.
More than 1 out of 3 workers will spend at least one day between Christmas and the new year.
The study, from Hudson Talent Solutions, found that more than one quarter of employees needed work on December 28, 29 and 30.
Peter eastd, general manager of Hudson Recruitment, said:\"
The demand economy has changed the way we buy goods and services, and most businesses cannot shut down during Christmas.
\"But everyone needs the opportunity to rest and recharge, so maybe the biggest gift that businesses can give employees is to force them to have a little more rest this Christmas.
Meet the busiest cashier in the UK.
Pat Porter, who works at witrose on Holloway Road in north London, will become the busiest branch of retailers in the UK tomorrow.
The peak time is expected to be from eleven o\'clock A. M. to noon with sales of 3.
5 times higher than usual
Pat has been working for 16 years at witrose.
She said: \"The atmosphere of Christmas is very good.
Everyone on our team is united.
\"I know a few of our customers very well, so it\'s nice to see them and their family preparing for this big day during the festival.
\"She is looking forward to having Christmas with her family, but she will be back to work in the new year.
Pat, 66, said: \"I\'m not going to retire soon-I love my job.
\"This week, the White Rose branch is open for an additional 728 hours.
The retailer employs more than 5,000 casual employees.
Cyber attacks have shocked governments and financial institutions, but action is being taken by multinational defense company BAE Systems.
Next year, the company will recruit 80 graduates for its cybersecurity business.
Their headquarters will be in London, Gilford and Leeds, where employees support governments and businesses around the world.
The company found that, despite security controls, 57 business leaders surveyed experienced cyber attacks last year.
Cabinet Office secretary Ben Gummer MP oversees the UK\'s cyber security strategy.
\"Cyber attacks are reality and happen every day,\" he said.
\"So it\'s very encouraging to see the skills and talent we need to make sure we continue this fight in the future.
For more information about the graduate program, visit baesystems. com/graduates.
Hotel chain Travelodge has 50 new jobs to choose from at its headquarters.
At Thame, Oxon vacancies include roles in IT, HR, revenue, sales and marketing, and procurement, operations, and technical services.
The company is proud of the opportunities for career development.
Hannah Thomson, director of Travelodge people, said: \"We have hundreds of colleagues who have joined the company since they started --
Now in management or executive positions.
\"The world is certainly your oyster in the hospitality industry.
\"For more information about the work provided, see internal careers. travelodge. co. uk.
British office workers spend an average of 41 hours a year complaining about the cold work-because the temperature in the building is relatively high.
According to research by heating and boiler company help, fishermen complain most about colds and spend 68 hours a year cursing the weather --link. co. uk.
And no sick pay.
As the temperature drops to near soon-
Help from Phil vandalslink. co.
In Britain, I believe office workers should cherish their happiness.
He said: \"with benefits such as early end, sick pay and flexible work, office workers need to know more about the environment in which some trade workers must continue to work, regardless of the weather.
\"Get your career on track with Heathrow Express.
The airport railway with Paddington requires 10 new full-time and part-time drivers.
Its flexible working model attracts a wide crowd-45 of Heathrow Express drivers are women compared to the industry standard of about 5 people. 4 per cent.
Lewis Yudi, head of Express drivers at Heathrow Airport, said: \"We are proud of the highest proportion of female train drivers in the UK railway industry.
\"However, we strive to make the Heathrow Express a great place for everyone to work.
We welcome all applicants and hope to attract some people from retirement. ”See jobs. Heatrowexpress. com.
Location: m o brien is looking for HGV drivers and fitters for Saint Albans and Leton Buzzard.
Please email your resume to hiredesk @ mobrienplanthipty Ltd. co.
UkJOBSPOT: a new steak restaurant in Middlesbrough, which requires waiters, chefs, kitchen porters and sous chefs. See indeed. co.
UK and search Aurum lounge.
Work Location: Robinson Construction in Derby seeks Pratt/welders and CNC machine operators.
Send your resume to jobs @ jobsons. com.
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