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five inspired ideas emerging from ted2013

by:QY Precision      2019-11-06
With confab\'s idea live in Long Beach, California, I\'m watching this year\'s TED conference.
In the past few years, I have personally participated in TEDActive, a satellite event of \"Big TED.
\"But I can\'t tell you how happy it is to see TED on my laptop in the future, to attend a party with friends and even use an iPhone in the gym, just like my level 12 on the treadmill this morning.
I \'ve reported TED in Forbes and elsewhere.
Here are five ideas from ted2013. 1.
In this year\'s TED Talk, speakers entitled \"young, wise and undiscovered\" talk over and over again about the merits of limitations.
Instead of complaining about what is missing, create with what you have.
No one expresses this better than artist Phil Hansen, who shakes hands at the art school and thinks his career is over.
\"This is the end of my dream of becoming an artist,\" he said . \"
This is actually the beginning, though.
When he was diagnosed with permanent nerve damage, Hansen\'s neurologist told him to \"hug and shake hands\", prompting him to try new forms.
He drew a portrait on a stack of Starbucks cups, a painting with karate ribs and a Mona Lisa painted with hamburger grease.
He arranged thousands of matches like Jimmy Hendricks and lit the whole thing up.
\"Accepting restrictions can actually drive creativity,\" Hansen said on his way to a standing ovation . \".
\"In order to be infinite, we need to be limited first.
\"See the amazing speech that he showed up here. 2.
The chance to speak is that you sit there when you read this.
That\'s a problem, said Nilofer Merchant, former Nasdaq CEO and current director of the company --traded EPAX.
\"Sitting has become a smoking habit for our generation,\" she told the crowd . \".
As she recently pointed out in the Harvard Business Review, we have an average of 9 people.
Sit for 3 hours a day, compared to only 7 hours.
Seven hours of sleep.
\"After sitting for an hour, the production of enzymes that burn fat has dropped by 90%,\" she said . \".
\"Sitting for a long time will slow down the body\'s metabolism and affect good cholesterol and high-density cholesterol levels in the body.
Studies have shown that this lack of physical activity is directly related to 6% of the impact of heart disease, 7% of the impact of type 2 diabetes, and 10% of the impact of breast or colon cancer.
Her creative solution: walking meeting.
Let people go for a walk instead of having coffee or having lunch.
She is now speaking at 25 miles a week.
\"There\'s something coming out of the box that causes out-of-the-
She said: \"The box is thinking.
\"You\'ll be surprised at how fresh air drives fresh thinking. \"3.
The robot took our job. Deal With It.
Andrew McAfee, chief research scientist at the MIT Digital business center, and others work together to predict the future power of drones.
You can watch the previous TED talk here.
He said that the upcoming technology explosion will drive away the workers in the factory.
Skilled workers, clients
Service operators, even truck and taxi drivers (
Thanks to Google driverless car.
But nothing is lost.
While \"our machines have begun to show the skills they have never had before \"---
Cough, cough, Siri-
We can fight back with innovation.
That\'s what McAfee said: \"The robot took our job away but focused on the fact that it didn\'t catch it at all.
The point is, so that we can do other things freely, and I am very confident that what we have to do is to reduce poverty and reduce the drudgery and suffering around the world.
I am very confident that we will learn to live more easily on this planet, and I am very confident that what we will do with new digital tools will be so profound and so beneficial, it will laugh at everything before.
\"Siri, driverless! 4.
Make your 20 s important
Once the Ted talk begins, Meg Jay, a clinical psychologist at the University of Virginia, will get a lot of views.
Her message to young professionals is simple: Don\'t waste your 20 s.
There is no doubt that the age of 20 is \"the most decisive decade for adults\", a period of brain growth, and a process of future work, income, interpersonal relationships and happiness.
When we were in our 20 s, we found our own career, found our own life partner, and found our own life model. About two-
In the first 10 years of her career, she said, the third lifetime wage increase was regular.
What is 20?
Take your 20 s seriously.
\"Investment in identity capital \"--
Graduate school, looking for mentors for important work across countries-
Add value to career, friendship and family.
\"City tribe\" beyond friends and sympathy\"
Workers of a wider network of social opportunitiesmakers.
As Jay eloquently said, \"20-
Something is like a plane, flying somewhere West from Los Angeles International Airport.
The change in light during takeoff is the difference between landing in Alaska or Fiji. ”5.
Wiki why do you leave the building to professionals when we have all the tools that amateurs need to start building?
This is a question that architects and designers Alastair Parvin asked the crowd in goose bumps --
It is worth mentioning that WikiHouse, an amazing project that allows everyday citizens with standard building materials such as CNC machines and plywood to \"print\" and then build a whole house.
About two days!
According to Parvin\'s estimate, the current House building is in the hands of 1% people.
But by making Wiki
Purchasing blueprints and production tools for small-
Scale builders around the world, it can open the architectural landscape selfmade cities.
From an Ikea point of view. Want more?
So far, please check the TED2013 in the form of a comic.
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