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first-ever designer protein fits like a glove

by:QY Precision      2019-09-30
Bob Hall Mesa molecular tailor shop produced the first in the worldto-orderprotein.
This feat opens the door for the future, where scientists may design customized proteins for drugs or industrial catalysts.
Protein is a long chain of amino acids that fold together as tightly as a crumpled protein.
A rope.
The charged part is exposed to the surrounding water molecules, while the neutral part is hidden inside.
Due to the interaction between thousands of atoms, proteins are very complex and scientists cannot predict their folding shape from amino acid sequences.
Now, after five years of research into complex atomic interactions in proteins, Stephen Mayo of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena has developed a computer program, select the amino acid sequence required to produce a specific shape folding protein.
Along with his colleague BassilDahiyat, he used the project to create the first fully customized protein.
Proteins containing 28 amino acids can be combined in 1027 different ways.
But researchers use the program to predict the sequence, which produces a shape that can mimic an existing protein type called \"zincfinger.
In Science last week (vol 278, p 82)
The researchers said that when they synthesize the protein, it conforms to zinc-
Almost perfect finger shape
It is true that protein design is possible.
\"It will be a landmark job,\" said Jim Wells, a protein engineer at San Francisco Gentec.
Mayo hopes to eventually design a protein with 150 amino acids, the size of most natural proteins.
This will enable the biotechnology personnel to design the heat
Provide stable enzymes for the industry and produce more effective drugs.
\"Designing a protein that can do what you want will be an awesome achievement,\" said saysMayo.
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