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Fine-tuning mechanism for machining nano-scale of precision mechanical parts

by:QY Precision      2020-01-11
Figure 7-10 (A) For the fine adjustment mechanism of a rolling guide rail of the precision mechanical parts processing factory, the spring piece 3 is fixed at the B end [The principle is shown in Figure 7-10 (B)], A- end cantilever, its length is L. When the stress deflection at end A is し, at C (Kl) According to the deformation formula of elastic cantilever beam, its deflection is Yc. Because K <1, if K is taken as 1/10, it is easy to get a reduction ratio of about 1/100. With the influence of elastic deformation, no external friction and clearance, precision mechanical parts processing can easily obtain very small displacement until nano scale. When fine-tuning, loosen the elastic handle 6 of the opening nut 7, connect the micro-moving Rod and the drag plate into one, and then rotate the differential cylinder 5 to deform the leaf spring, then the drag plate moves according to the deflection of point C. In addition, Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturers pointed out that, flexible hinge mechanism is a transmission guiding mechanism with compact structure, small volume, no mechanical friction, no gap, no lubrication, high motion sensitivity and high resolution. In recent years, the flexible ammonium chain has been gradually applied to the micro-displacement mechanism, and the ultra-high precision micro-displacement workbench with flexible hinge as the guiding mechanism, it is widely used in equipment with nano-scale positioning resolution, such as beam processing, ultra-precision processing and detection, micro-operating system, etc. Figure 7-10 (C) It is a flexible hinge mechanism for precision mechanical parts processing plant. The mechanism is cut on a spring steel plate by means of integral wire cutting, and adopts left and right pedal structure to make the displacement parallelism better. The drive block of the flexible hinge is driven by a piezoelectric ceramic microdisplacement device. Reasonable setting of the lever ratio of the flexible hinge, combined with the piezoelectric ceramic microdisplacement device, is also easy to obtain nano-scale displacement.
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